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Erwitt, Frankenberg marry


Erwitt marries his fourth wife, Frankenberg, an actress, film producer and a woman of considerable culture and social prestige. Frankenberg:

He is a tough cookie to deal with if people aren’t used to him. Now that I know him I feel for everyone who is a little intimidated because they don’t know how to handle him. It is like when people think that comedians are funny people and they are not.


Not Nothing Without You

DirectsFilm Appearance

Noisy_MarthaFrankenberg writes, directs and stars in this comedy (renamed as Noisy Martha in 1987). Co-starring Klaus Bueb as Alfred. 

Martha, at 25, is a single mother, a painter, a filmmaker, impulsive, insecure, happy and unhappy. Financially well off through no fault of her own, her biggest problem, as she sees it, is her superficiality. Then there is Alfred, a decade older than Martha and all the more lost for it, he always seems to have misplaced something… something he thought he’d taken with him, back in ’68. Martha can’t cut it with men, Alfred likewise with women.

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