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9 Sep, 2010

Piers Morgan interview


Seacrest interviews Morgan during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about his taking over for Lary King on CNN.

It was an amazing moment for me. Larry is one of my all time heroes…to be able to interview everyone that matters in the world, it’s an incredible thrill to the interviewer.

31 Jul, 2012

Piers Morgan interview


Seacrest interviews Morgan during On Air With Ryan Seacret and asks him about athlete’s Twitter usage.

I think they have to be media trained I’m all in favor of them being on Twitter. I think it adds to the excitement, the fans can live the experience in real time. I think Twitter, Facebook and all social media have raised not only that concern, but obviously this ongoing debate of whether NBC should be using tape to delay the events.

4 May, 2013

Piers Morgan interview

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Lohan and the British reporter meet for a 90-minute interview at a Manhattan townhouse. Lohan answers Morgan’s questions about her childhood and parents, her drug and alcohol use, and her intimate relationships with both men and women. On her mandated return to rehab in three weeks time:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people taking time to just be by themselves. I think people want to see me do that. They will keep saying the same things about me if I don’t. I don’t think it will be a bad thing for me to be away with myself for three months. I look at it as a good thing. I can come back afterwards and be fully focused on work. But I think there are other things I could do instead of going to a rehab centre that would benefit me more. The best thing they could do for me would be to make me go abroad to different countries and work with children.

10 Nov, 2022

Peterson: It would be a catastrophe to see Musk derailed

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On Piers Morgan Uncensored, Peterson say he supports Elon Musk’s efforts to improve Twitter.

Well, I know people who know him very well and have worked with him very closely. These are very solid people, extremely competent and extremely creative. And they’re admirers of Musk. I talked with my brother-in-law Jim Keller, who is one of the word’s great chip engineeers, and he worked very closely with Musk for years. He believes that he is, in many ways, exactly what you think he was: He’s a genius, a visionary genius. But he’s also someone who is very, very good at implementing, very good at running companies, as you can tell because he has a multitude of impossible, succesful companies. So he goes into a company and he cleans house and puts things in order and makes things work efficiently. Maybe he can do that at Twitter. I hope he can, because Musk is doing all sorts of things that are useful and difficult and it would be a catstrophe to see him derailed.