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26 Jul, 2015

Passengers survive plane crash

Plane Crash

A single-engine Piper Cherokee 6 crashes into a lake in Queensland. All six people including the pilot are alive. One woman has a back injury. The plane hit a downdraft and rapidly lost altitude before crashing on to the lake. Local Resident:

I drove out and I saw a plane in the middle of the lake. It was sitting on the surface. I saw the doors being pushed open. I saw people falling out of the plane into the water. Then within five minutes the plane started to sink nose first.

8 May, 2015

Interstate crash kills four

Plane Crash

atlantaplane crash (2)Four people on board a single-engine Piper PA-32 die when it crashes into a major interstate in Atlanta after leaving DeKalb Peachtree Airport. The four on board were headed to the University of Mississippi, where 25-year-old Phillip Byrd — one of the passengers on board — was set to graduate, according to his grandfather, who said the other passengers were his son, grandson and his fiancee. No motorists are injured according to reports. Witness:

I looked into my rear view mirror and saw this mass of flames. Everybody says this, but it really does feel very surreal … to the point of … did I really see that? It’s just horrible. I couldn’t stop shaking.

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