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16 Jul, 2015

Sends message to Trump

Makes Statement

Pitbull mentions Trump after accepting an award at Premios Juventud, a Univision awards ceremony:

Watch out for El Chapo! I had a different idea of this man, I want to tell him, look, I’m not a politician, I’m a musician, but most of all I’m Latino.

He then calls on Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton:

Step it up. Because Donald Trump cannot be president!

To Host American Music Awards

The high-profile rapper will host the Nov. 23 ceremony, and he’ll perform a song from his upcoming album release Globalization. The ceremony, considered to be the world’s biggest fan-voted award show, will be broadcast live from L.A.’s Nokia Theatre

The harder I work, the luckier I get. Thank you ABC and dick clark productions for the amazing opportunity — more than anything, let’s get ready to have fun.

18 Apr, 2014

We Are One (Ole Ola)

Single Release

The artist releases his single, We Are One (Ole Ola), featuring Lopez and Leitte, from his album, Globalization. Pitbull:

I’m honored to join Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte at the FIFA World Cup to bring the world together. I truly believe that this great game and the power of music will help unify us, because we are best when we are one.

7 Oct, 2013


Single Release

The artist releases his single, Timber, featuring Ke$ha, from his album,  Global Warming: Meltdown. Pitbull says that the use of a harmonica on the song was fueled by Avicii’s  single, Wake Me Up:

I’ve been all around the world touring and it was a record from Avicii that was so big and had this country feel to it. This record came down produced by Dr Luke, Cirkut and Sermstyle, and I said, ‘Man I need to get my hands on that’. And being on tour with Ke$ha, we hit it off, and what better than to have a crazy, sexy, cool, beautiful woman on it with me?

18 Jan, 2013

Feel This Moment

Single Release

The artist releases Feel This Moment, featuring Aguilera, from his album, Global Warming.

Feel This Moment is a special record, and to work with Christina Aguilera is an honor, a blessing, someone that I highly respected, as far as her talent, her voice, her range that she can take it, and I think ‘Feel This Moment’ is gonna be a great record, because it’s got a very powerful sample and everybody’s gonna dance too. On top of that, when I say ‘Feel this Moment’ is basically, ‘feel life, don’t live life for a moment, live life for life, that is your moment.

25 Sep, 2012

Don’t Stop The Party

Single Release

The artist releases  Don’t Stop The Party, which features TJR, from his album, Global Warming.

Don’t Stop The Party featuring TJR was basically a beat that was huge in Europe. TJR produced it when we were out there on tour. We were in Stockholm, Beirut Cafe with RedOne. We did 30,000 people in Hanover, 80,000 people in London and 90,000 people in Morocco.
So this is the record of me telling them and the whole world – whether it’s a bad global economy, whether it’s poverty, wars, you name it – I’m telling them don’t stop the party. Enjoy and escape no matter what.

26 Mar, 2012

Pitbull interview

Seacrest interviews Pitbull during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about performing at Wango Tango. 

Wango Tango has been a huge part of my career. At Wango Tango the beautiful thing is there is so many different people. So, as far as the show, it’s about a lot of energy. To me Wango Tango is a big part of what we’re gonna do the next year. We can do homework there, you can try a record there to see if it works, or if it doesn’t. So as far as that we are definitely bringing a whole lot of energy, and find some fun surprises to bring also.

15 Dec, 2011

Pitbull interview


Seacrest interviews Pitbull during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about possibly guest staring on Glee. 

We’re speaking about it to see if I have a role that fits or if they just want to get the music going. I haven’t filmed anything yet. That must have been some other bald chico with glasses on.

11 Oct, 2011

Pitbull interview

Seacrest interviews Pitbull during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about touring with Enrique Iglesias.

It’s bigger than just the music, we have a great relationship, and from him I learned a lot personally and through the music we got a chance to make a great relationship.

15 Feb, 2011

Tu Cuerpo

Single Release

The artist releases Tu Cuerpo, featuring Canela, from his album, Armando. Pitbull:

It’s the Cuban connection. Me and [fellow Cuban] Jencarlos Canela ran into each other in Puerto Rico, during the Billboard awards. And he was telling me he was a Miami boy, Cuban, big fan, and I said, ‘coño let’s get together.’ And a couple of months later he came, he brought over the track, and I just added the verses.

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