Pol Pot

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15 Apr, 1998

Pol Pot dies age 72


Pot dies from heart failure. He suffers illness as he flees from those who wish to turn him in to the US government, only to die of natural causes. His wife and daughter are with him as he dies.

My only wish is that Cambodians stay united so that Vietnam will not swallow our country.

19 May, 1925

Pol Pot born in Prek Sbauv, Cambodia


Pot is born named Saloth Sar the second son of a successful landowner in Cambodia. Pot’s father has political connections at the royal court at the Cambodian capital. Visits by court officials and even by the Cambodian king himself to Pol Pot’s father’s home appear to be common. Pot is a poor student, yet he receives a good education and studies hard. Pot’s only brother:

When he was young, he was really gentle, as I knew him. His character was kind and he studied hard.

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