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30 May, 2014

Gangnam Style two billion views


Gangnam Style becomes the first video to hit two billion views on YouTube. The only other video to surpass one billion views, Justin Bieber’s song Baby, has 1.04 billion views. YouTube adds a second dancing Psy next to the view count to celebrate.

21 Dec, 2012

Gangnam Style one billion views


Gangnam Style becomes the first video on YouTube to hit one billion views. YouTube celebrates by putting a small dancing cartoon of Psy next to the view count. Psy says:

In 2012, I experienced so many things; it’s been a tremendous year, but to accomplish this, it’s really something that stands out. Because it all began with YouTube, and to have [the video] reach 1 billion views … I don’t think even I can break that record!


10 Sep, 2012

PSY interview


Seacrest interviews PSY during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and about his single Gangnam Style. 

Gangnam is a certain territory in Korea, the spot is noble in daytime and going crazy at nighttime. So, I just described about a lady and gentleman who’s noble at daytime and going crazy at nighttime.

PSY Talks Gangnam Style with Seacrest - PART 1 | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest