Sells Feld Technologies to AmeriData

Feld Technologies, now at 20 people and just under $2m in revenues, is acquired by Sage Technologies (which becomes AmeriData Technologies). Feld becomes  Chief Technology Officer. Feld Technologies becomes AmeriData Consulting. By 1997 AmeriData Consulting is a 400 person, $40 million organization and is sold to GE Capital.

In Utero

Nirvana’s final album, In Utero, is released on DGC Records. The album enters the Billboard 200 upon release, charting as number one and is certified five times platinum.

Heart Shaped Box video release

Anton Corbijn was initially unsure of directing the video for “Heart Shaped Box” after he heard Cobain’s detailed ideas for it. Corbijn said I was very amazed by somebody writing a song and having those ideas as precise as he did. Nirvana – Heart-Shaped BoxWatch this video on YouTube

Finding his Irish Identity

Music writer, Jon Savage, sits down for an extended interview with Cobain. Cobain had often expressed an interest in his lineage. In the interview, Cobain recalls: I didn’t even know until this year that the name Cobain was Irish. I found out through different phonebooks throughout America. I couldn’t find any Cobains so I started […]

Feld, Batchelor marry

After buying their wedding rings at the Pay ‘n Save, Feld and Batchelor exchange vows at the top of top of Ester Dome in Fairbanks, Alaska. They are officially married in the Boulder County Courthouse on June 21, 1996.

Zayn Malik born in Bradford, England

Born in Bradford to Yassir, who comes from Pakistan, and Tricia, who is British. His grandfather on his fathers side, Mohammed was born in Pakistan. His mothers family is from Ireland and England. Malik has three sisters, one is older named Doniya and his younger sisters; Waliyha and Safaa.

Convicted of computer fraud

According to Reuters, blog posts Karpeles wrote in 2006 say he was arrested twice in France before he was 21 for computer fraud-related charges. One resulted in a 3-month suspended sentence. French authorities in Tokyo said they have seen confirmation of one prior conviction, but do not have details. Indeed, during my misspent youth, I made a huge, huge mistake. […]