Contributes to RSS 1.0 Spec

Swartz contributes to the specification for RSS 1.0. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

Joins Zone Labs

McAfee invests in San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm Zone Labs, creator of the then-popular ZoneAlarm firewall product. McAfee also joins the company’s board of directors.

Japan Today launch

Japan Today is launched as a rival to Japan’s English language newspapers. Over the next year the site will become the most popular news site about Japan in the world, regularly hovering around the top 5000 sites in the world. Japan Today is the first news site in the world to have reader comments directly under the news […]

Mary on The Holiday Program

Mary takes Claudia Winkelman on a tour around Tokyo, eating sushi, playing Dance Dance Revolution and singing karaoke. Mary on BBC Holiday ProrgrammeWatch this video on YouTube

Twinkies turn 70

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley officially proclaims April 2000 as “Twinkies Turns 70 Month”. A party is held was celebrated on April 1 (though the actual birthdate is April 6) at Navy Pier, with a 25 ft birthday cake made up of 20,000 individually wrapped Twinkies.

Attends Stanford

Swartz attends Stanford University for a year, leaving to start the software company Infogami, a startup that was funded by Y Combinator’s first Summer Founders Program. Infogami was built around a wiki backend, a subject of interest for Swartz since his early effort to develop ”theinfo”, a wiki-based encyclopedia