Love and Nirvana lawsuit

Courtney Love and surviving members of Nirvana battle for the rights to the Nirvana legacy. The complaint by Love and Frances Cobain depicts Nirvana as a one-man show, reducing Novoselic and Grohl to little more than sidemen. Love also insists that Cobain decided to break up Nirvana several months before his death. Grohl and Novoselic’s […]

Start work on HarvardConnection

The brothers, along with their friend, Divya Narendra start work on a social network for Harvard students named HarvardConnection, which was to expand to other schools around the country. They hire Sanjay Mavinkurve, who works on the system until Spring 2003 and then Victor Gao, who is paid $400 for his work on the website code during the second half of 2003.  

Sister Amanda dies on movie set

Amanda Wiklevoss, 23, dies on the set of the movie “Analyze That”. Amanda asked her friends to wait in a car while, in heavy rain, she approached a camera truck on the “Analyze That” set in the hope of introducing herself to filmmakers working on the Robert De Niro-Billy Crystal film. She was an aspiring film maker […]