Paula Broadwell meets Petraeus

Broadwell first met Petraeus when she was a soldier-turned-graduate student at Harvard University. The U.S. Army general gave her his card and offered to help her with her studies. Broadwell soon began trading emails with the general, and four years later she was in Afghanistan turning a dissertation about his leadership into a book. Interviews […]

Swartz merges Infogami with Reddit

Aaron Swartz merges Infogami with Reddit where he joins Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. The four Reddit staff work out of a small 3-bedroom apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts.

First ad deal

Mashable sells its first ad: CASHMORE: We did our first ad deal. It was only a few thousand per month, but it kind of legitimized blogging as a business. Selling a first ad legitimized that this may go somewhere – this may actually work.