Board of Rights hearing rules against Dorner

At the Board of Rights hearing, Randal Quan, Dorner’s attorney, conceded that his client should have reported the kicks sooner but told the board that Dorner ultimately did the right thing. He called the case against Dorner “very, very ugly.” Quan said: This officer wasn’t given a fair shake. In fact, what’s happening here is this […]

Starts Breadpig

Ohanian founds Breadpig. Breadpig publishes books featuring some of the most popular webcomics in the world (like XKCD and SMBC), and produces other geeky novelties like Awesomesauce and LOLmagnetz. The non-sustainable profits are donated to worthy causes. Breadpig donates profits to organizations and individuals that make the world less sucky. We spend the rest of our time discovering and promoting fascinating technology, […]