After a late rehearsal the next morning Jackson does not come out of his bedroom. His doctor, Conrad Murray finds Jackson in bed and not breathing. Jackson has a weak pulse, and his body is still warm. After trying to revive Jackson for five to ten minutes Murray calls for help. Murray stated that he […]

Krugman, Ferguson spar over T-Bills

According to Slate, Ferguson and his allies believe that the rising bond yields prove that markets are worried about the inflation that will inevitably result from the fiscal policies of the Obama administration and the Fed. Given the large deficits and rising concerns about the viability of Social Security and Medicare, Ferguson writes, “It is […]

Karpeles moves to Japan

Karpeles arrives in his Japan with his cat Tiban and some hard drives. Karpeles first visited Japan for a month in 2007, and posted a blog entry in Japanese saying he was a ‘geek’. Karpeles Blog: I do computer-related work (a programmer); my goal is world domination.