One Direction come third in final

The band sings Natalie Imbruglia’s ”Torn”, but come in third place to Matt Cardle, who wins, and runner-up Rebecca Ferguson. Cowell says, “This is just the beginning for these boys.” One Direction sing Torn – The X Factor Live Final (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube The X Factor 2010- Final Results- One Direction leaves […]

X-Factor Week 9 (semi-final)

The band sings Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World. Cowell is not available to mentor the band as he is sick. Malik’s grandmother dies so he misses rehearsals for the second performance , Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. The band attends the premiere for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. One Direction sing […]

Autotrader buys HomeNet agrees to purchase HomeNet Automotive for an undiclosed sum. At the time of the sale HomeNet has $16 million in annual revenues, 135 employees and more than 18,000 dealers. plans to operate HomeNet as an independent subsidiary run by Bob Landers, a 10-year veteran sales executive. It is reported that in documents filed with the Securities […]

Christian vs Atheist fundraising challenge

Members of the Christianity subreddit hold a fundraiser for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Members of the atheism subreddit decide to hold an alternative fundraiser for World Vision’s Clean Water Fund. Later, the Islam subreddit joins, raising money for Islamic Relief. In less than a week, $200,000 is raised, mostly by the atheism subreddit, […]

X-Factor Week 8

The band’s first performance is Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69. The second performance is Joe Cocker’s You are so Beautiful puts them through to the semi final. The band also appears on a Charity single. One Direction sing Summer of '69 – The X Factor Live show 8 – this video on YouTube One […]

X-Factor Week 7

For Beatles week the band sings ”All You Need is Love”. Styles is particularly excited as he is a Beatles fan. Walsh calls them “The Fab 5”. One Direction sing All You Need Is love – The X Factor Live show 7 (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube The band watch an international soccer game […]

X-Factor Week 6

For “Elton John week” the band sings Elton John’s ”Something About The Way You Look Tonight”. Cowell says, “this is the first time in all the years of X-Factor that I genuinely believe that a group are going to win this competition” and notes that the boys have been responsible for their own image. The […]

X-Factor Week 5

The band sings Kim Wilde’s ”Kids in America”. One Direction sing Kids in America – The X Factor Live show 5 (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube

Slowe leaves for Hipmunk

Christopher Slowe, one of the three co-founders of Reddit who was working as the site’s manager in the previous year also leaves to join Huffman and Ohanian at Hipmunk. Huffman, and Ohanian left the site exactly a year ago after their contracts expired; at the time, Slowe said he would stay on.

X-Factor Week 4

For Halloween the band sings Bonnie Tyler’s ”Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Danny Minogue says, “You are a boy band doing what boy bands doing exactly what a boy band should do”. One Direction sing Total Eclipse of the Heart – The X Factor Live show 4 – this video on YouTube

X-Factor Week 3

After changing their initial song, the band goes through with Pink’s ”Nobody Knows”. Loius Walsh says, “it’s like five Justin Bieber’s”. The band say that on their recent shopping trip that Styles got the most autographs. One Direction sing Nobody Knows – The X Factor Live show 3 – this video on YouTube

Do More Faster book release

Feld and Cohen identify the key issues that first-time entrepreneurs encounter, and offer proven advice from successful entrepreneurs who have worked with the TechStars program. The authors organize the most critical issues into seven themes: Idea and Vision, People, Execution, Product, Fundraising, Legal and Structure, and Work and Life Balance. Many of the examples are personal […]

X-Factor Week 2

At sound check Styles is sick with nerves. Even so, One Direction go through with [[Kelly Clarkson]]’s ”My Life would Suck Without You”. Cowell says One Direction are “the most exciting pop band in the country today”. Watch this video on YouTube

X Factor Week 1

One Direction go through with [[Coldplay]]’s ”Viva La Vida” One Direction sing Viva La Vida – The X Factor Live (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube

Defend portrayal in The Social Network

We were portrayed as guys who were trying to do the right thing, and had a certain moral code, and did our best to deal with an individual that was unethical The Real Winklevoss Twins Defend "The Social Network"Watch this video on YouTube

Foundry Group raises 2nd $225M fund

The Foundry Group announces the launch of a second fund, Foundry Venture Capital 2010, L.P., which totals $225 million in partner commitments and is the same size as the group’s other fund. The firm says that investment strategy with the new fund will remain the same as the initial fund.

Starts Demand Progress

Swartz founds Demand Progress, a Progressive Political Action Committee and grassroots activism organization. The group runs online campaigns and lobbies in Washington, D.C. and in various states for progressive causes, such as stopping Internet censorship and issues of privacy.

Booted from Bootcamp, called back to form One Direction

None of the boys are chosen to be one of the final contestants. However, five boys are called back to the stage to be given a second chance as a newly-formed boy-band (from 4:45 in the video below). Harry Styles – X Factor – BootcampWatch this video on YouTube

Malik booted from Bootcamp, called back to form One Direction

Malik is not chosen to be one of the final contestants. However, he and four other boys are called back to the stage to be given a second chance as a newly-formed boy-band (from 4:45 in the video below). Harry Styles – X Factor – BootcampWatch this video on YouTube

Styles booted from Bootcamp, called back to form One Direction

Styles is not chosen to be one of the final contestants. However, he and four other boys are called back to the stage to be given a second chance as a newly-formed boy-band (from 4:45 in the video below). Harry Styles – X Factor – BootcampWatch this video on YouTube

Runs from Bootcamp

At bootcamp Malik is nowhere to be seen. Simon Cowell finds him backstage where he says he’s not comfortable dancing as he has never done it before and thinks others are better than him. Cowell convinces him to try again. Zain's nerves at X Factor bootcamp – this video on YouTube

Manchester X Factor auditions

Harry Styles auditions for the British version of The X-Factor, singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. He says he is working as a baker and is the lead singer in a band called White Eskimo. Styles receives yes votes from Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell and one no from Louis Walsh. Zayn Malik sings […]

Auditions for X Factor

Styles auditions for the British version of The X-Factor, singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. He says he is working as a baker and is the lead singer in a band called White Eskimo. Styles receives yes votes from Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell and one no from Louis Walsh. Harry Styles's X Factor […]

BBC Interview

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Facebook InterviewWatch this video on YouTube

Huffman brings Ohanian to Hipmunk

Huffman brings other co-founder, Alexis Ohanian over to Hipmunk. His title will be “principal, marketing…or something funnier if I can come up with it.”

‘Chinese a sub-species’

In an interview in Guardian Weekend magazine, Morrissey, a vegetarian and animal rights advocate described the treatment of animals in China:: Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies. A spokesman for Love Music Hate Racism, […]

Joins Y Combinator

Becomes Y Combinator’s Ambassador to the East where he will meet with East coast applicants and represent the Company.

Lloyd does not pay for Metropolis

Lloyd reneges on the final payment for Metropolis. The Devlins find out that Lloyd and his wife Kumiko have cheated them out of collateral property by secretly remortgaging the property to Shinsei Bank, just two weeks after he buys the magazine from them. Lloyd refuses to make any settlement and, over the next three years, engages in multiple frauds to […]

Downloads JSTOR database

Swartz allegedly uses several methods to grab articles from the JSTOR database, including breaking into a computer-wiring closet on the M.I.T. campus and setting up a laptop with a false identity on the school network for free JSTOR access under the name Gary Host — or when shortened for the e-mail address, “ghost.” When retrieving […]

Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links

Dissatisfied with a redesign that buries much of their influence, hard-core users of social-news site Digg have been gaming its “Top News” page so that it’s dominated by links to rival site Reddit. At this time Reddit is smaller than Digg.

Reddit displays marijuana ads in protest against parent

Reddit goes against parent company Conde Nast for a second time. Despite the parent requests to stop running advertisements on behalf of advocates of California’s Proposition 19, which supports the legalization of marijuana, Reddit runs the ads. Reddit responds to Conde Nast concern about obtaining revenue from the advocacy groups, by running the ads for […]

Christine Tsai Joins

Christine Tsai, former YouTube, Google Product Manager joins the Company as Principal. Tsai spent more than 7 years at Google, where she once led product marketing for YouTube and also worked in the AdSense and Google Analytics units. Most recently, Tsai was the lead for Google I/O, the company’s largest annual developer event.

Intel buys McAfee Associates for $7.7 billion

Intel pays $7.68 billion to acquire McAfee Associates. Intel hopes the purchase will separate its products from those of its rivals and accelerate its move into smartphones and consumer electronics. According to the research firm IDC, McAfee has 17.7 percent of the market for securing computing devices, trailing the market leader Symantec, which has 36.2 percent.

Huffman leaves to start Hipmunk

Huffman leaves Reddit to start Hipmunk with Goldstein. Hipmunk is a travel search site that helps people book flights easily by presenting flight results in a visual timeline that allows people to select the best flight for them at a glance. The site is funded by Y Combinator.

McClure raises $30m for new fund called ‘500 Startups’

SEC filings show McClure has raised $30m for his new fund, which will be called “500 Startups”. McCLURE: 500 Startups is a new, edgy, risk taking seed fund which invests in early stage consumer internet companies. Incubator/seed investment funds are popping up left and right and we’re looking to differentiate ourself through edgier design. Our […]

“The Social Network’ trailer released

The first trailer for the upcoming movie based on Facebook’s early days is released. The movie will star Arnie Hammer as both twins and Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg. The Social Network Official Trailer #1 – (2010) HDWatch this video on YouTube

Asks users for donations to fix site

Recent site slowdowns—and, in some cases, outright outages—have prompted programmer Mike Schiraldi to issue a call for help: He’s asked users to become Reddit subscribers for a donation of “whatever you want” in an effort to raise money to hire more resources to fix the site’s issues. when asked why Reddit just turn to parent […]

Cashmore on PBS to discuss Facebook privacy

Cashmore appears on PBS today to discuss Facebook’s response to the user backlash against its privacy settings. While he agrees that Facebook’s decision to simplify privacy settings was a good one, he thinks the company should have gone a step further and made its Instant Personalization feature opt-in instead of opt-out.


Marries Katie Annis, whom he met through his chiropractor. They have been dating since 2007. Congressman Vern Buchanan, signs their wedding license as a witness.

Vadim Lavrusik joins

Vadim Lavrusik, Social Media Journalist, leaves the New York Times to join Mashable as Community Manager, responsible for “engaging readers on-site and off, creating programs and strategies for making outreach more effective, cultivating an environment for a strong community, identifying emerging social platforms to build a presence on, and of course, writing.”

Cashmore on open devices

Cashmore discusses the debate around open vs. closed web, and Facebook’s new Open Graph initiative and how it could hurt Google. Mashable's Cashmore Says Facebook May Be `Next Google': VideoWatch this video on YouTube

‘Enormously in love’ with Ferguson

Hirsi Ali speaks about their relationship for the first time in upmarket Dutch women’s magazine Libelle. Recently I have found new love – Niall Ferguson. He is a British historian and TV presenter. It is a complicated love affair. I am enormously in love with him. It is the best feeling in the world. I […]

Aubry confirms split

Aubry confirms split and says he has nothing but love and respect for the actress, with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter. While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this […]

Berry splits with Aubry

Berry and Aubry split up after four years together. Berry confirms she and Aubry have been split for some time, but remain friends and committed parents to their daughter.