Cashmore on PBS to discuss Facebook privacy

Cashmore appears on PBS today to discuss Facebook’s response to the user backlash against its privacy settings. While he agrees that Facebook’s decision to simplify privacy settings was a good one, he thinks the company should have gone a step further and made its Instant Personalization feature opt-in instead of opt-out.


Marries Katie Annis, whom he met through his chiropractor. They have been dating since 2007. Congressman Vern Buchanan, signs their wedding license as a witness.

Vadim Lavrusik joins

Vadim Lavrusik, Social Media Journalist, leaves the New York Times to join Mashable as Community Manager, responsible for “engaging readers on-site and off, creating programs and strategies for making outreach more effective, cultivating an environment for a strong community, identifying emerging social platforms to build a presence on, and of course, writing.”

Cashmore on open devices

Cashmore discusses the debate around open vs. closed web, and Facebook’s new Open Graph initiative and how it could hurt Google. Mashable's Cashmore Says Facebook May Be `Next Google': VideoWatch this video on YouTube

‘Enormously in love’ with Ferguson

Hirsi Ali speaks about their relationship for the first time in upmarket Dutch women’s magazine Libelle. Recently I have found new love – Niall Ferguson. He is a British historian and TV presenter. It is a complicated love affair. I am enormously in love with him. It is the best feeling in the world. I […]

Aubry confirms split

Aubry confirms split and says he has nothing but love and respect for the actress, with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter. While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this […]