Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links

Dissatisfied with a redesign that buries much of their influence, hard-core users of social-news site Digg have been gaming its “Top News” page so that it’s dominated by links to rival site Reddit. At this time Reddit is smaller than Digg.

Reddit displays marijuana ads in protest against parent

Reddit goes against parent company Conde Nast for a second time. Despite the parent requests to stop running advertisements on behalf of advocates of California’s Proposition 19, which supports the legalization of marijuana, Reddit runs the ads. Reddit responds to Conde Nast concern about obtaining revenue from the advocacy groups, by running the ads for […]

Christine Tsai Joins

Christine Tsai, former YouTube, Google Product Manager joins the Company as Principal. Tsai spent more than 7 years at Google, where she once led product marketing for YouTube and also worked in the AdSense and Google Analytics units. Most recently, Tsai was the lead for Google I/O, the company’s largest annual developer event.

Intel buys McAfee Associates for $7.7 billion

Intel pays $7.68 billion to acquire McAfee Associates. Intel hopes the purchase will separate its products from those of its rivals and accelerate its move into smartphones and consumer electronics. According to the research firm IDC, McAfee has 17.7 percent of the market for securing computing devices, trailing the market leader Symantec, which has 36.2 percent.

Huffman leaves to start Hipmunk

Huffman leaves Reddit to start Hipmunk with Goldstein. Hipmunk is a travel search site that helps people book flights easily by presenting flight results in a visual timeline that allows people to select the best flight for them at a glance. The site is funded by Y Combinator.