X-Factor Week 4

For Halloween the band sings Bonnie Tyler’s ”Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Danny Minogue says, “You are a boy band doing what boy bands doing exactly what a boy band should do”. One Direction sing Total Eclipse of the Heart – The X Factor Live show 4 – itv.com/xfactorWatch this video on YouTube

X-Factor Week 3

After changing their initial song, the band goes through with Pink’s ”Nobody Knows”. Loius Walsh says, “it’s like five Justin Bieber’s”. The band say that on their recent shopping trip that Styles got the most autographs. One Direction sing Nobody Knows – The X Factor Live show 3 – itv.com/xfactorWatch this video on YouTube

Do More Faster book release

Feld and Cohen identify the key issues that first-time entrepreneurs encounter, and offer proven advice from successful entrepreneurs who have worked with the TechStars program. The authors organize the most critical issues into seven themes: Idea and Vision, People, Execution, Product, Fundraising, Legal and Structure, and Work and Life Balance. Many of the examples are personal […]

X-Factor Week 2

At sound check Styles is sick with nerves. Even so, One Direction go through with [[Kelly Clarkson]]’s ”My Life would Suck Without You”. Cowell says One Direction are “the most exciting pop band in the country today”. Watch this video on YouTube

X Factor Week 1

One Direction go through with [[Coldplay]]’s ”Viva La Vida” One Direction sing Viva La Vida – The X Factor Live (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube

Defend portrayal in The Social Network

We were portrayed as guys who were trying to do the right thing, and had a certain moral code, and did our best to deal with an individual that was unethical The Real Winklevoss Twins Defend "The Social Network"Watch this video on YouTube

Foundry Group raises 2nd $225M fund

The Foundry Group announces the launch of a second fund, Foundry Venture Capital 2010, L.P., which totals $225 million in partner commitments and is the same size as the group’s other fund. The firm says that investment strategy with the new fund will remain the same as the initial fund.