X-Factor Week 8

The band’s first performance is Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69. The second performance is Joe Cocker’s You are so Beautiful puts them through to the semi final. The band also appears on a Charity single. One Direction sing Summer of '69 – The X Factor Live show 8 – itv.com/xfactorWatch this video on YouTube One […]

X-Factor Week 7

For Beatles week the band sings ”All You Need is Love”. Styles is particularly excited as he is a Beatles fan. Walsh calls them “The Fab 5”. One Direction sing All You Need Is love – The X Factor Live show 7 (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube The band watch an international soccer game […]

X-Factor Week 6

For “Elton John week” the band sings Elton John’s ”Something About The Way You Look Tonight”. Cowell says, “this is the first time in all the years of X-Factor that I genuinely believe that a group are going to win this competition” and notes that the boys have been responsible for their own image. The […]

X-Factor Week 5

The band sings Kim Wilde’s ”Kids in America”. One Direction sing Kids in America – The X Factor Live show 5 (Full Version)Watch this video on YouTube

Slowe leaves for Hipmunk

Christopher Slowe, one of the three co-founders of Reddit who was working as the site’s manager in the previous year also leaves to join Huffman and Ohanian at Hipmunk. Huffman, and Ohanian left the site exactly a year ago after their contracts expired; at the time, Slowe said he would stay on.