Condé Nast to spin-off Reddit for $200m

According to Peter Kafka of All Things D, Condé Nast wants to spin-off Reddit for $200 million. The theory is that taking Reddit outside of Condé Nast’s corporate structure would make the site that much more valuable, and would give it a better chance to compete for capital, managers and employees alongside the likes of startups like […]

‘Up All Night’ enters U.S. chart

The album debuts at number one on The Billboard 200, selling 176,000 copies in its first week, which makes One Direction the first U.K. group to debut at number one with their first album.

Reddit down to one developer

Two out of the three remaining Reddit programmers quietly left the social news community last week, Mike Schiraldi going to Google and David King going to Hipmunk where he joins Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. This means that the over one billion page view a month site is currently running with only one developer (Neil Williams, […]

Karpeles buys Mt. Gox

Karpeles buys Mt. Gox from an unemployed software hacker named Jed McCaleb.  Before the site started trading in Bitcoins, it was an online marketplace where people could buy and sell cards for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Mt. Gox  is short for “Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange” McCaleb, nervous about regulatory scrutiny on bitcoin, wanted rid of the exchange and […]