Buy $18m Hollywood Hills mansion

The twins buy an $18 million, 8,000 sq ft mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Tyler will live in the 8,000 square foot home as they launch the West Wing of their venture capital company, Winklevoss Capital. Cameron will stay mainly in New York City, where they have signed a five-year lease for their company’s headquarters. The two-story contemporary […]

Venture Deals book release

Feld and Mendelson compile blog posts with new material to create a guide for entrepreneurs seeking Vventure capital financing. The book includes analysis of the Term Sheet, details the differnt stages of the fundraising process, explores the venture capital ecosystem and gives tactics for negotiations. My favorite entrepreneurs to fund are those that have had […]

Affair begins

The affair begins after Petraeus retires from the Army in August 2011 and ends in late-summer 2012.