Make Something People Love

Ohanian publishes an Ebook which includes his thoughts on the growth of Reddit and Hipmunk: And this marvelous community of communities owes its existence to a massive advertising budget of…$500. To date that is the sum total of money that has been spent advertising reddit. Five hundred dollars, and every dollar of it spent on stickers. […]

Site built with hundreds of fake accounts

In a video for Udacity, Huffman and Ohanian reveal that they used fake accounts to populate the site in its earliest days. Huffman: You would go to Reddit in the early days, the first couple of months and there’d be tons of… fake users Through those fake accounts, Huffman and Ohanian submitted high-quality content — […]

British Ambassador’s car ambushed

In Benghazi, the British Ambassador’s car is ambushed by militants with a rocket-propelled grenade. [1. BBC – Libya unrest: UK envoy’s convoy attacked in Benghazi] Two British bodyguards were injured, but the Ambassador and all other staff were uninjured [2. In other timelines this event is incorrectly dated as June 10] British Diplomatic Convoy Attacked […]

CNN may buy Mashable, but not for $200M

When rumors of CNN buying Mashable first surfaced in March the purchase amount was thought to be upwards of $200 million, but now that figure is said to be much lower. Executives are said to be working on a deal with CNN, and that it’s about 80 percent likely to close. The company now generates […]