SMASH Summit Opens

SMASH Summit, a conference supported by 500 Startups, aims to teach startup how to “hack & dominate customer acquisition. Covering new “hack-tics” & strategies for Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, you’ll leave armed & ready for EXPLOSIVE growth!”

Backs First Middle East Startup

The Company backs Jeeran, a local reviews site, which covers a handful of cities in the Arab world, with a current focus on Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Nordstrom makes second security request

Eric Nordstrom made a second request for more U.S. security in Libya. [1. House Oversight Committee Evidence -Cable from Eric Nordtrom requesting additional security – June 7, 2012]

Innocence of Muslims

Anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” posted on YouTube. Innocence of Muslims movie trailerWatch this video on YouTube