Supports Edward Snowden

McAfee is interviewed by Cavuto on Fox News declaring his support for Edward Snowden and drawing comparisons to his own time on the run. From my perspective he revealed something that we all knew. We are being spied on by our government. It’s simply that Mr Snowden has put a quantitative value on it…To that extent […]

How To Uninstall McAfee

McAfee appears in a parody film, How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus. Although I’ve had nothing to do with this company for over 15 years, I still get volumes of mail asking, ‘How do I uninstall this software?’ I have no idea. How To Uninstall McAfee AntivirusWatch this video on YouTube

Network at 120, Invests $100K in Blueseed

One month after  launch, BitAngels doubles its number of investors to 120 and has added nearly $10 million in capital to its reserves, bringing its total to just under $18 million. BitAnels first investmnet of $100K  goes to BlueSeed, the “seasteading venture” that incubates startups in international waters not far off the coast of Silicon Valley.

Funding tips seminar

Gouw and Stanford University finance professor Strebulaev talk about angel and venture capital funding at Silicon Valley Open Doors event in Mountain View. Gouw tells entrepreneurs to think of the term sheet as a prenuptial agreement where the relationship between the entrepreneur and VC is like a marriage that will last about eight to 10 years. To make […]