How To Be An Eccentric Millionaire

McAfee releases a follow-up parody video addressing recent events in his life: In my last video I didn’t have much time to tell you much about myself. The four most popular questions are 1) Did I murder my neighbor in Belize? 2) Was I manufacturing illegal drugs in Central America 3) was I having sex with […]

Faith in God paramount to success

At Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance Biter shares his keys for success: paramount faith in God, maintain a positive workplace environment, don’t micromanage, think bigger. One of my prayers has always been ‘God, close the doors you don’t want me to go through and open the ones you do,’” Biter said, noting that faith in God […]

Invests $5 million (4700 BTC) in Mastercoin

BitAngels invests $5 million in Mastercoin an open-source platform that is building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin, in order to provide users with a number of important features which Bitcoin itself lacks, including virtual assets, a distributed exchange, and contracts for difference. Fifty BitAngel angels participated in the investment, with David Johnston being one […]