HUB fills up in one year

After just one year a 40,000- square-foot building owned by Biter is fully occupied. The building near downtown Sarasota is primarily occupied by the HuB collaborative workspace, which occupies the third floor and half of the four-story building’s second floor. The initial 37 incubator offices became so popular that HuB founder Rich Swier Jr. and Biter […]

Worst of Times

Feld appears in a video promoting Foundry’s portfolio companies Worst of TimesWatch this video on YouTube

‘Why shouldn’t downtown Sarasota be noisy?’

At a Rotary Club meeting, Biter attacks a group of downtown residents who participate in Sarasota Commission and Planning Board meetings They’re afraid of 20-somethings spilling out of clubs at 2 am and bellowing at the moon. They’re afraid of throbbing music and honking horns. Biter laments that commissioners feel they have no choice but […]

Obamacare ‘A hacker’s wet dream’

In an interview with Cavuto, McAfee says that Obamacare is a hacker’s “wet dream” Well, here’s the problem – it’s not something software can solve. I mean, what idiot put this system out there and did not create a central depository? There should be one website, run by the government, you go to that website […]

Founds FG Angels

Foundry forms FG Angels, a vehicle to fund startups on AngelList. An AngelList syndicate allows investors to co-invest with other notable investors. People who back a notable investor’s syndicate commit to invest in their future deals, and agree to pay them carry, a fee for managing the fund. Foundry is committing $2.5 million with a goal of making […]

Announces $100 ‘anti-NSA’ device

McAfee announces plans for a device, called ‘D-Central’, which would be resistant to government surveillance by creating localized, super-secure networks. It is the first product from his company, Future Tense Central. McAfee claims the device will be so effective that governments will be likely to ban its use. If this happens he promises to sell it in […]