NASA sends condolences

NASA sends its condolences to Virgin Galactic: While not a NASA mission, the pain of this tragedy will be felt by all the men and women who have devoted their lives to exploration. Space flight is incredibly difficult, and we commend the passion of all in the space community who take on risk to push the […]

Judge rejects quarantine

District Court Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere rejects Hickox’s quarantine order but orders her to submit to “direct active monitoring,” coordinate travel with public health officials and immediately notify health authorities should symptoms appear. Hickox tells reporters the decision is a “good compromise” and that she would continue to comply with direct active monitoring. I know that Ebola is a […]

Flying to Mojave

Thoughts with all @virgingalactic & Scaled, thanks for all your messages of support. I'm flying to Mojave immediately to be with the team. — Richard Branson (@richardbranson) October 31, 2014

SpaceShipTwo crashes, one dead, one injured

Virgin Galactic reports a test flight of SpaceShipTwo, launched a 9:19am by its partner Scaled Composites, led to the “loss of the vehicle” after a “serious anomaly”. #SpaceShipTwo has experienced an in-flight anomaly. Additional info and statement forthcoming. — Virgin Galactic (@virgingalactic) October 31, 2014 Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft explode in flight. Doug Messier, a […]

Pandemic training

FEMA is reported to be in the middle of a two-year training exercise simulating a pandemic in New Jersey and New York City. (FEMA document here). Overview: History teaches us that the impact of a pandemic can be far-reaching. The 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ influenza killed approximately 30,000 people in NYC, 500,000 in the United States […]

Report: Quarantines could increase

A report for Forbes magazine says that if the virus spreads to somewhere geographically closer to the U.S., there will be more than the sporadic handful of cases that have occurred so far. It predicts that forced quarantine will be increased as a way to mitigate threat amidst uncertainty, and says the number of people […]

Military to train more response teams

The Department of Defense is expecting a request from the Department of Health and Human Services for more rapid response personnel similar to the first military team, which completed training at Fort Sam Houston this week. The first team is made up of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel, including 20 critical care and inpatient […]

Defends decision to isolate troops

Hagel defends the decision to place the troops in quarantine in Italy. Hagel: [It is a]  smart, wise, prudent, disciplined, science-oriented decision.

Court order restricts movement

A 24-hour court order limits Hickox’s ability to travel, mandates that she keep a three-foot buffer when meeting other people, and bans her from public places. A further decision will be made by a Maine state court later Friday.

Pastor offers ‘healing water’

Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Africa-wide megachurch Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which boasts 50,000 weekly worshipers, has been asked by Nigeria’s health minister to discourage Ebola victimes from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, from traveling to seek his help. He complied with the request but has airlifted more than 4,000 bottles of […]

Bitcoin extortion attempt

Unidentified individuals say they will release the virus in the Czech Republic if the Czech government doesn’t pay them 1 million Euros ($1.25 million) in three payments on Monday, Wednesday, and after they hand over the alleged infected materials. Threat: [Failure to comply with] any of our requests will lead to the spreading of the […]

‘Plot to weaponize virus’

Spanish authorities say they have found discussions by jihadists in chat rooms on how to weaponize the virus, and are taking them seriously. Interior ministry: The use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States [was discussed in a forum] linked to ISIS

Sneezing poster disappears

The CDC poster stating that Ebola can be spread by sneezing is apparently deleted from the CDC website. Message replacing the page: The What’s the difference between infections spread through air or by droplets? Fact sheet is being updated and is currently unavailable. Please visit for up-to-date information on Ebola. (A cached version is […]

CDC warns of transmission by sneezing

A poster released on the CDC website highlights sneezing as a risk: Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose or mouth of another person

Interview about firing

Corcoran says she had a system at the real estate practice for firing underperforming sales people: I put a dollar sign on their back, which sounds so cold but, bottom line, each sales person is there to produce money. She says the people ranked in the bottom 25% would be given three months to improve, […]

Columbia interview

Corcoran says the three essential qualities for an entrepreneur are sales skills, the ability to motivate, manipulate and convince people, and being able to take a hit: If you by nature can take a hit and are stupid enough to pop back up and say ‘Hit me again, hit me again,’ you’re perfect for an […]

Bloomberg interview

Corcoran talks about how she thinks the Fed unwinding is going to affect real estate: They’ve been low so long that people think it’s their right to have cheap money. The minute those rates go up, we’re going to have another boomlet in the real estate market, because people love a deadline. Barbara Corcoran: Real […]

Jonathan Fields interview

Fields interviews Corcoran about starting a business, being the only woman on Shark Tank, building a real estate empire, and Shark Tales. On creating demand with marketing: I learned that everybody wants what everybody wants, and nobody wants what nobody wants Getting Real With Barbara Corcorcan and Jonathan FieldsWatch this video on YouTube

Huffington Post Live interview

Corcoran talks about advice from her mother that inspired the book title, If You Don’t Have Big Breasts Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails, and says it worked in attracting attention from customers when she was a waitress. The business lesson: Merchandise yourself. Barbara Corcoran On Her Mother's Best Advice | HPLWatch this video on YouTube

Unique Perspectives talk

Corcoran tells the UP Conference what it was that gave her confidence in the business world: My wholehearted belief that [I] had the right to be there Business Advice from Shark Tank's Barbara CorcoranWatch this video on YouTube

O’Leary, Corcoran kiss

Corcoran and O’Leary kiss to test out the Fire and Ice flavored combination lipsticks made by Shark Tank participants Kiss Mixx. Kiss Mixx founder: You have to hold it for just a second Shark Tank Kiss – Kevin O'Leary and Barbara CorcoranWatch this video on YouTube

Parade interview

Corcoran joins a Google+ hangout to talk about the Shark Tank cover issue. Corcoran responds to a female reader’s question about how to become a better negotiator: Think like a man…You know what a guy does? He just says what he thinks, for the most part. He just puts it right out there. Parade Magazine […]

NBC interview

Corcoran offers tips for selling your house in a down market. Why it doesn’t make sense to wait: Everybody’s thinking that way httpv://—HspbKk

Newsmax interview

Corcoran talks about women’s intuition in business, how being able to handle rejection is key to business, and being fabulous at failing: Nobody likes being a loser and then you have to claw, figure out, and whip your way into a position of strength, the truth is if you’re great at being a loser, you’re […]

How to hire like a shark video

Corcoran tells Big Think about her hiring strategies: I am very good at hiring because I’ve made a lot of mistakes Barbara Corcoran: How to Hire Like a SharkWatch this video on YouTube

Nightline interview

Corcoran and Greiner sit down and talk about the female sharks are catching up on Shark Tank, and about high stakes, and the tell-tale signs of a solid investment. Corcoran: We bring a different perspective. Most of the men have trophy wives, they don’t shop, we bring a different view to the product…Our collective IQ […]

Genius Of Startup interview

Liu interviews Corcoran and Medved at the 92nd Street Y about great business ideas. Medved: Many people get this idea that it’s all about the idea…and that’s completely wrong. The first thing you have to do is you have to develop the idea. Even before you start building, you have to convince other people that […]

Win over the crowd video

Corcoran answers a question for Entrepreneur magazine about how to present ideas to get them crowdfunded: The main ingredient is you have to entirely genuine when you make your pitch. The video is key. Barbara Corcoran on How to Win Over the 'Crowd'Watch this video on YouTube

Biggest business challenge video

Corcoran tells Entrepreneur the biggest challenge isn’t the competition: It’s what goes on inside your own head The Biggest Business Challenge: Your Insecurity?Watch this video on YouTube

Buys $1.46m Bed-Stuy townhouse

Corcoran buys the five-family limestone townhouse at 408 Stuyvesant Avenue near Fulton Street in the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District, Bedford-Stuyvesant, at a cut-rate price from the original asking amount of $2.1 million.

Buy $4m Upper East Side condo

Corcoran and Higgins buy the upper-floor condo in the converted town house at 163 East 71st Street in Lenox Hill. The four-bedroom unit occupies the second through fifth floors for a total of 2,700 square feet, and includes a hardwood roof deck.

New York Magazine feature

Corcoran and Higgins are featured for an article about the dynamics of couples where the wife earns more money than the husband.  Corcoran says it challenged her femininity: The struggle was as much mine as Bill’s. She says Higgins was previously an FBI agent who made record numbers of arrests and a top Naval Reserve […]

10,000 Daisy Cakes a week

The company achieves sales of 10,000 a week since appearing on Shark Tank. Corcoran: Prior to that, she had sold roughly 1,000 cakes over two years.

Higgins, Corcoran marry

Higgins and Corcoran marry. Higgins: I’m proud of my wife: And I’m proud to call myself her spouse.

Buys $900,000 two-bedroom apartment

Corcoran and her husband buy the ground-floor apartment in their coop building to use as personal and office space. Corcoran: It’s the ultimate luxury to be able to separate when you want to It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was previously a doctor’s office. A private door opens directly onto Park, rather than […]

Times feature on $3.5m Manhattan home

Corcoran gives the New York Times a tour of the three-bedroom apartment on 94th and Park, overlooking Central Park and the Manhattan treeline. Since buying it in 2001, she has redecorated in pale blue, cream, and yellow with white Swedish country furniture. To me, it’s just my dream. All my life I’ve wanted a pretty […]

Tour of $3.5m apartment

Corcoran gives a reporter for RealDeal magazine a tour of the $3.5 million three-bedroom apartment on 94th and Park that she bought in 2000 and renovated. At home with Barbara CorcoranWatch this video on YouTube

AngelList syndicate

Corcoran starts Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners to syndicate all of her deals outside the ones made on Shark Tank. The terms of the syndicate show that she will get a total carry of 20% per deal. The company is expected to syndicate 12 deals per year at $50,000 per investment, and the minimum backer investment […]

Entrepreneur interview

Corcoran answers the question How do you deal with rejection? Show me someone who can take a hit, and I’ll show you an entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran on the Secret to Handling RejectionWatch this video on YouTube

Growth Conference talk

Corcoran talks about risk-taking, failure, and how to get back up at the Entrepreneur Magazine event in Dallas. Creativity and flexibility are more of an advantage than big amounts of money: The times when I moved ahead was when things were bad…When things are bad the universe is open to new things… Unless you’re the […]

New York Daily News interview

Corcoran talks about building her real estate practice, applying life lessons to business, and being called a winner: If you get labeled a winner, people come along for the ride. Might as well enjoy it and they should too. She owns 12 buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, a beach house on Fire Island, […]

Mixergy interview

Corcoran talks about her books, handling rejection, and her advice for entrepreneurs. On how she handles being turned down: I’ve gotten pretty good at it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the insult. …I just make a habit of making sure that I don’t lay low too long. In other words, I feel sorry […]

TEDx Barnard College

Corcoran gives a talk titled Rethinking Failure. She says failures in school, business, romance, and public speaking all led to her successes. I can distinctly remember being in the class not being able to read or write until I was in third grade…and being ashamed of myself. She says during elementary school, she was sent […]

25,000 cakes sold in each state

Daisy Cakes has sold 25,000 cakes in each state, including Hawaii and Alaska, since Corcoran’s investment on Shark Tank episode 20. Kim Nelson, the mail-order company’s founder, says part of the secret is that she uses family recipes. She also uses American-made products for all parts of the production process: My cake tins are not […]

Best and worst investments

Corcoran reveals her best and worst deals on Shark Tank. She lost money investing in Cactus Jack and the Body Jac weight loss/exercise equipment: My worst was investing in a fast-talking cowboy selling exercise equipment who needed to lose 50 pounds. Instead, he lost my $50,000. Her best: My best so far is Daisy Cakes, […]

Public speaking panic attack

Corcoran reveals that she once had a panic attack while speaking in public. She was building her real estate practice and decided to speak at a home buyers seminar to increase business. In front of 800 people, she started with a joke, but blanked on the punchline, and the moderator had to take over. The […]

Cactus Jack investment video

Corcoran and Harrington invest $50,000 in the Body Jac after Cactus Jack loses 30 pounds using the weight loss equipment. Corcoran: It’s going to be painful when that money comes out of the bank. Get out of here Jack, go on, I might change my mind. Shark Tank: Cactus Jack's fateful Weigh-InWatch this video on […]

Joins Shark Tank

Corcoran joins the show as a judge. Investors get an hour-long pitch to convince the panel of judges that their idea is worth investing in, and the footage is edited down to 10 minutes for TV. Mark Burnett: If you’re coming in desperate for money, it’s like there’s blood in the water. If you want […]


Corcoran publishes Nextville: Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life, identifying eight trends that the Baby Boomer generation is making as they begin to retire. The book encourages people to pursue their dreams, whether that means retiring in a city or college town, living green, or staying put in their home town. What’s […]

Use What You Have

Corcoran publishes the book, also titled If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails in hard and softcover editions. She wears a pink padded bra and pigtail wig to the softcover launch. The books contains 24 unconventional lessons she said she learned from her mother, and which helped her turn a $1,000 loan […]