PC World interview

Karpeles agrees to an interview with PC World on the condition that he will not discuss other than in general terms what happened at the company, the police investigation into it and other litigation involving him. He says Tibanne now has 13 employees and still does Web and server hosting as well as Web and mobile […]

Kraken to handle bankruptcy claims

The bankruptcy trustee for Mt. Gox announces it will work with California-based Bitcoin exchange, Kraken, to return the money left in the estate to the company’s 127,000 creditors. Kraken CEO Powell says the company will help with the claims process, including evaluating the assets owed to creditors, and that it will assist in the investigation of Mt. Gox’s collapse. […]

Bankruptcy claim system opens

A notice (link) posted on Mt. Gox’s website, says customers can make bankruptcy claims by signing with their account at claims.mtgox.com. There is also an offline option. Those filing must sign up to, or already have, a Kraken account since any returned coins will be deposited via the service. Returns will be calculated at a rate of $483 per BTC with an additional 6 […]

Bankruptcy deadline extended

The bankruptcy trustee extends the period for filing bankruptcy claims from May 29, 2015 until 12 noon July 29, 2015. After July 29, the only things that a user will be able to do through the online method will be to view bankruptcy claims filed by the user and transfer the bankruptcy claims to another person.


Karpeles is arrested at his home by Japanese police who say he accessed a computer system and falsified data on its outstanding balance. Police say Karpeles protested at his arrest and said he will not sign any documents until his lawyer arrives. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police say they believe Karpeles had manipulated transaction records on a computer system that Mt. […]

Reduces flights to Perth

Qantas reduces flights to Perth. It removes one Airbus A330 flight per day from Melbourne to Perth. A return flight from Perth to Melbourne is discontinued. Most of the flights from Sydney to Perth will now use smaller Boeing 737 instead of the present Airbus A330. These small changes to our east-west flying allow us to add wide body domestic […]

Father jailed for murder

Carter’s father, who has remarried, is jailed for 12 years for shooting and killing his wife’s brother after an argument. That taught me about consequences at a really, really young age. Despite this, his father and step-mother stay together, and after prison his father rebuilds his life.  [He is] one of my real heroes.

Lawyer: ‘Women have responsibility’

Cosby’s layer, Pressley, says it is the responsibility of a sexual assault victim to report it and create evidence of the crime. She says such evidence does not exist in the case against Cosby. The only way for a woman to get the justice that she seeks – and that, if her allegation is true, that she […]

Southern Rites

Carter executive produces (along with John Legend and Mike Jackson) this 90-minute documentary film, directed by Gillian Laub for HBO. The film examines race relations, a segregated prom, politics, and the killing of an unarmed young black man that joins the residents of two Georgia towns. Southern Rites (HBO Documentary Films)Watch this video on YouTube

Named co-presidents

Erving and Stiklorius are named co-presidents of Atom Factory by Carter. Carter: J and I have a long history, dating back to 2000 when we co-founded Erving Wonder Management. He has proven to be an exceptional deal maker and music manager. Ty has been an incredible addition to the team.  Her strategic thinking and creativity has […]

Claims Drake uses ghostwriter

In a series of Twitter posts, Mill accuses Drake of being a fake. Mill claims that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics and employs a ghostwriter. Drake recently featured on Mill’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money. However, Mill was upset when Drake didn’t promote the album through social media. Stop comparing drake to me too…. He don’t write […]

The Influencer Economy interview

Carter is interviewed by Williams on The Influencer Economy. He talks about about hip-hop, entrepreneurship, life, failure, success and finding passion around your work. In life in general, there are no guarantees. Failures are a part of life. As cliché as it may sound, the way I look at it is that there are no […]

Signs Carter as manager

Stirling signs Carter as her manager. Carter first discovers Stirling through Atom Factory’s Stiklorius, who encourages her boss to check out Stirling’s YouTube channel. He flies to Orlando, FL., to check out one of her gigs, and is impressed by her ability to sell out a 1,200-seat venue without any mainstream radio support. Stirling has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers, […]

Announces SMASHD Labs tech accelerator

Carter announces SMASHD Labs, an LA-based accelerator. SMASHD Labs will take between five and seven young tech companies whose focus is entertainment and culture and house them for 10 weeks in Atom Factory’s office, providing them with $50,000 in funding for 3% of the company, as well as providing a weekly “curriculum” in order to focus and define their idea. […]

Hires Carter as manager

Mayer hires Carter as his manager, the first time Carter’s will work with a major rock artist. A source says they met through mutual friends: It’s just getting started but great new things will be announced as the year progresses.

V magazine cover

Carter is interviewed by V magazine. On how he sees pop music evolving: This is the best time to be in the music industry. As sub-Saharan Africa and China go completely mobile, you have people who’ve never had access to the music we offer all of a sudden able to access it. I think we […]

Part number from Boeing777

A Malaysian official says a part number (657 BB) on a piece of aircraft wing found in the Indian Ocean confirms the object is from a Boeing 777. From the part number, it is confirmed that it is from a Boeing 777 aircraft. This information is from MAS (Malaysia Airlines). They have informed me…This could be the […]

Take Flight

Stirling releases the video for Take Flight from from her album, Shatter Me, at YouTube Music Awards. The video shows Stirling walking through surreal scenes looking for a flower. The video is produced by Everdream. It’s here! I had so much fun making this Take Flight video Lindsey Stirling – Take Flight [Official Music Video – YTMAs]Watch […]


Zuckerberg and Chan announce their pregnancy on Facebook, sharing that Chan had three miscarriages: Priscilla and I have some exciting news: we’re expecting a baby girl! This will be a new chapter in our lives. We’ve already been so fortunate for the opportunity to touch people’s lives around the world – Cilla as a doctor and educator, […]

Financial Times interview

Carter is interviewed by The Financial Times. He talks about the launch of LittleMonsters.com and how data from the many South American fans led to the expansion of a tour there. Our bet is on the future of micronetworks. Facebook wasn’t wired to build a relationship between fans and artists. It’s more about communicating with family and […]

Little Monsters launch

Gaga launches LittleMonsters  (https://littlemonsters.com/) as an invite-only beta for Gaga’s fans, who she refers to a “Little Monsters”. The site is the first project by Backplane and acts as a social network for her fans. CEO Michelsen says the project, in common with other Backplane project aims to : Unite people around interests, affinities and movements. Backplane is […]

Harvard Business Review case study

Harvard Business Review publishes a second case study, this time concentrating on the launch of Born This Way. In March 2011, Troy Carter, manager of pop star Lady Gaga, reflects on decisions made regarding his artist’s concert tour and faces a new set of challenges regarding the launch of Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This […]

Harvard Business Review case study

Harvard Business Review publishes a case study about Carter’s work with Gaga: In September 2009, Troy Carter, manager of up-and-coming pop star Lady Gaga, has to decide on a new course of action now that his artist’s planned co-headlining arena tour with hip-hop superstar Kanye West has been canceled. Carter knows that continuing the tour solo […]

The Guardian interview

Carter is interviewed in The Guardian. On the split with Gaga: I’ve been in the music industry for 24 years and with God’s grace I’ll be in it until I take my last breath. And I don’t think a speed bump in the road will stop me from doing what I love.It’s not cancer. When you […]

Petition gains 16,000 signatures

A White House petition (link) garners over 160,000 signatures — meeting the threshold for the Obama administration to respond. We urge the Secretary of State John Kerry and the Attorney General Loretta Lynch to fully cooperate with the Zimbabwe authorities and to extradite Walter Palmer promptly at the Zimbabwe government’s request…  

Music Matters keynote

Carter gives the keynote interview at Music Matters 2012. He talks about how he has diversified into technology investing: It’s been a little over a year that we started a fund at Atom Factory. It happened from us taking a risk in terms of marketing and working with young startups, and a even with some of the larger companies […]

Rattle That Lock music video

Gilmour releases the official music video for Rattle That Lock. The animation is created by Trunk Animation, under the creative direction of Powell. The hand-drawn animation depicts various facets from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, following the fall of Satan from the kingdom of Heaven and his subsequent journey through Pandemonium, Purgatory and Chaos on his […]

Wired UK cover

Carter is featured on the front cover of Wired UK. The accompanying interview talks about Backplane and Little Monsters, which is in beta and has 50,000 members, with a million invitations ready to be sent out to Lady Gaga fans who had registered online. Carter: They’re highly motivated fans. This one isn’t for the passive. It’s for […]

PETA wants hunter hanged

PETA releases a statement about the killing of Cecil the lion. Newkirk: Hunting is a coward’s pastime. If, as has been reported, this dentist and his guides lured Cecil out of the park with food so as to shoot him on private property, because shooting him in the park would have been illegal, he needs to […]


Missouri indicts Berrett for charging $476,000 on his corporate credit card for online strippers. Berrett used his company’s credit card to fund his sexscapades and file fraudulent expenses. He charged his corporate card $100,000 for tokens – good for 2,200 visits – to chat with women, watch them strip naked and masturbate via webcams on the sex […]

Zimbabwe seeks extradition

Muchinguri, Zimbabwe’s environment minister, says the process to extradite Palmer from the United States is underway. Unfortunately, it was too late to apprehend the foreign poacher as he had already absconded to his country of origin. We are appealing to the responsible authorities for his extradition to Zimbabwe so that he be made accountable. This must be condemned in the strongest possible […]

Speaks about anti-apartheid demonstrations

Rice speaks about being the target of anti-apartheid demonstrations: At the time we (SA) were the skunks of the world. Clearly there was the odd occasion when there were anti-apartheid demonstrators around and sport was certainly a focus of their attention. There were a few incidents when people made a stand against me being on the […]

Ebola vaccine trial successful

The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine against Ebola is 100% successful in trials involving 4000 people which are conducted in Guinea. Brende says: Having seen the devastating effects of Ebola on communities and even whole countries with my own eyes, I am very encouraged by today’s news. This new vaccine, if the results hold up, may be the silver bullet against Ebola, […]

Black Mass interview

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cooper talks about Depp’s performance as Bulger in Black Mass. To re-create Bulger’s intimidating style and persona, Cooper and Depp pored over surveillance tapes and old FBI photographs. Cooper says of Bulger: He could be charming. He could be ruthless. He was like a cobra – you never knew where he could strike…He […]

Exploitative nature of filmmaking

Fukunaga comments on need to protect the people he has worked with: Films of this nature have the potential to affect not only the lives of the viewers, but also the lives of the participants of the production. As a filmmaker, I am aware that I am not in the public service; my first job […]

Officers involved in previous death

The Guardian reports that Kidd and Weibel, the officers who corroborated Tensing’s account of Dubose’s shooting, were implicated in prior death of another unarmed black man. Kelly Brinson, a 45 year old hospitalized mentally ill black man experiences a psychotic episode and is placed into a seclusion room by seven University of Cincinnati officers. According to the […]

Officers corroborate Tensing’s story

Tensings body-camera records two unnamed Cincinnati police officers corroborate his account of the fatal shooting of Samuel Dubois, where they backed him up when he says he was dragged by the victim’s car. The officers repeat Tensing’s account of the incident three times and one officer says he witnessed the victim dragging Tensing. Parts of the video transcript: Tensing: I […]

Billboard Year in Music ‘upstart’

Carter is quoted as an “upstart” in Billboard’s 2014 Year in Music, alongside Meghan Trainor and Nico and Vinz: Last year, when people came to Atom Factory, a lot of it was on me to be able to deliver. I had to show up to every meeting; the focus was on me. And this year, […]

UN Global Entrepreneurs Council

Carter joins the Global Entrepreneurs Council, a group of leading innovators helping the United Nations Foundation helping the United Nations identify opportunities in the UN’s key areas of women and girls, global health, energy and climate, and population. Other inductees in the two-year program include Neil Blumenthal, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Warby Parker, and Barbara Pierce Bush, CEO and Co-Founder, Global Health Corps.

Becomes Henry Crown Fellow

Carter is named one of The Aspen Institute 2012 Class of Henry Crown Fellows. The Henry Crown Fellowship is designed to “engage the next generation of leaders in the challenge of community-spirited leadership”.  The two-year program is for entrepreneurs under 45 who have already achieved conspicuous success in their chosen fields and are at a point of […]


University of Cincinnati President Ono confirms Tensing has been fired, and that the school is currently reviewing its police department and policies.

Quits Highway Patrol training after one day

Tensing starts the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 26-week training academy in Columbus but quits after one day, saying he “couldn’t adapt to the training environment.” Jobs with the highway patrol are considered highly competitive, and an applicant is required to pass a rigorous months-long background check. After resigning from the highway patrol, Tensing returns to his […]

Announces $75M+ tech fund

Carter, through AF Square, announces the formation of a new fund of between $75 million and $100 million, which will invest mostly in seed and Series A stages. He doesn’t say where the money is coming from, but that he’ll be taking the same approach with his investments as he takes with the musicians he brings in under his management. He […]

Tases motorist

Tensing uses a Taser on a motorist during a traffic stop in Greenhills. The officer claims the driver, who is not identified, is resisting arrest. It is not known why Tensing stopped the motorist nor his race. Another driver who is a witness: Officer had suspect at the side of his car. Suspect started hitting officer and trying to get away. I […]

Released on $1 million bond

Tensing pleads not guilty in court and is released on bond. Judge Shanahan set;s Tensing’s bond at $1 million. Tensing has his head bowed, eyes closed and does not look at anyone in the court. Tensing’s father and other family members are  in the courtroom during the arraignment. When Shanahan sets the high bond, applause breaks out in the courtroom, and she […]

Tourist video

A tourist takes video of Cecil in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Cecil – Africa's Biggest LionWatch this video on YouTube

Tweets Palmer’s address

Farrow tweets Palmer’s business address to 656,000 followers. Initially it is thought that the post included Palmer’s home address. CecilTheLion -Gentle protector of 6 cubs. Loved by many. Killed by Dentist Walter Palmer. [Address] Farrow quickly deletes the address and amends the tweet to show a picture instead of his dental practice in Bloomington, Minneapolis.