State: 150 emails upgraded to ‘classified’ status

The State Department says 150 of 7000 pages of emails it will release today from clinton’s server have had their status upgraded to ‘classified’. Spokesperson: The information we’ve upgraded was not marked classified at the time the emails were sent…That’s our estimation right now.

Apologizes for racial slur

Hogan apologizes on Good Morning America, for calling his daughter’s boyfriend a “nigger”. I’m not a racist but I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I’m embarrassed by it…If anybody should have disowned me it should have been her,’ said Hogan. ‘I was upset about something that happened between her and […]

Supreme Court nomination confirmed

The Senate confirms Marshall’s nomination as Supreme Court Justice. He is the first African American to sit on the high court. The roll-call vote is 69 to 11. Southerners try to delay Marshall’s appointment. The Southern opposition charges that Marshal was a “judicial activist” who looks to his personal philosophies rather than to the law for guidance. Senator Javits defends the appointment: […]

Illegal business practices suit

New York state’s attorney general Schneiderman files a $40 million lawsuit against Trump and his for-profit investment school, accusing them of engaging in illegal business practices. The suit alleges the Trump Entrepreneur Institute – called Trump University until 2010 – operated without an educational license while misleading consumers into paying for courses promising to teach Trump’s real estate […]

Renames Mt McKinley to ‘Denali’

Obama renames North America’s highest peak from Mount McKinley — after the 25th president — to its traditional Alaska Native name, Denali. White House statement: In 1896, a prospector emerged from exploring the mountains of central Alaska and received news that William McKinley had been nominated as a candidate for President of the United States. In a […]

Urges Egypt to overturn convictions

Clooney, who represents Fahmy, urges the Egyptian President to overturn the Cairo convictions. The verdict today sends a very dangerous message in Egypt. It sends a message that journalists can be locked up for simply doing their job, for telling the truth and reporting the news…[Every third party who has weighed in on the lengthy case says] there […]

In coma, receiving experimental drug

Riley, an honors student who has qualified for the Junior Olympics three times in cross country, is in a medically-induced coma after contracting Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) as a result of amoeba Naegleria fowleri. Doctors believe the amoeba entered through his nose and got into his brain when he jumped into a lake at the Sam Houston […]

Michael J Riley dies age 14

Riley dies of the amoeba. Family: It is with a heavy heart, that we let everyone know that Michael John Riley Jr. lost his battle on this earth but won a victory for his place in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Memorial service

Friends and colleagues pay tribute to Parker and Ward at a memorial service at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke. Station manager Jeff Marks: Adam and Alison saw it as their mission to awaken us to what was good and fun in life…I want to play softball with Adam again. And I want to see Alison dance. And I will, in […]

Blames sexual assault on inappropriate clothing

In an extract from her autobiography, Reckless, published in The Sunday Times, Hynde says she was to blame for being sexually assaulted when she was 21 because of the way she dressed. She was picked up by a motorcycle gang who promised to take her to a party but instead took her to an empty house and sexually assaulted […]

New York Times interview

Cyrus is interviewed by The New York Times about hosting the VMAs and talks about her famous twerk with Robin Thicke Everything I’ve ever done has been true to me at that minute. Even down to my TV show [“Hannah Montana”] — when I started I was 12 years old, and that was like a […]

‘Americans are tired of being patsies’

At the National Federation of Republican Assemblies’ 2015 conference Trump says he is winning bbecause people are tired of being taken advantage of: People in this country are smart. We’re tired of being the patsies for everyone. There is a big, big, growing-by-leaps-and-bounds silent majority out there. [The 2016 race] is going to be an election based on […]

Calls Cyrus a ‘bitch’

Minaj calls Cyrus a bitch at the VMAs. And now, back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press, Miley what’s good? The taunt is in reference to Cyrus’ New York Times interview where she said Minaj’s Twitter spat with Taylor Swift was about herself as opposed to the real issues. […]

Palin, Trump interview

Palin interviews Trump on One America News. The talk about economics, veterans, and Trump’s confontation with Jorge Ramos: Palin: You schooled that radical activist. And that was the right thing to do. Trump: He was totally out of line. He was screaming and ranting and raving. And I said ‘Who is this guy?’ I’m suing Univision […]

Apologizes to Swift, says he will run for President in 2020

In a ten-minute acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs, West apologizes to Swift for grabbing the mike from her in 2009, and announces he will run for president in 2020. If I had to do it all again, what would I have done? Would I have worn a leather shirt? Would I […]

Claims he’ll be ‘droned’ if he leaves embassy

Assange claims it has become too dangerous to even poke his head out the Ecuadorean embassy’s balcony doors. There are security issues with being on the balcony. There have been bomb threats and assassination threats from various people. It’s not likely [that I’ll be shot] but I’m a public figure and a very controversial one, including in the United […]

Darren Goforth murdered at 47

Goforth, a deputy county sheriff in Harris County, Texas, dies after being shot multiple times in the back while filling up his car.  The officer was in uniform and had stopped at a gas station near Houston about 30 minutes after attending to a routing traffic accident. Goforth is survived by his wife and two […]


A judge in Egypt sentences three Al-Jazeera journalists to jail for supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood and operating in Egypt without a licence; Greste and Fahmy for three years, while Mohammed receives an extra six months for possessing a single bullet. Greste will avoid imprisonment as he was deported to Australia and was being tried in absentia, but Fahmy […]

Convicted for sex offenses

A jury of nine men and three women takes eight hours to clear Labrie of rape but convicts him of three misdemeanors: sexual assault, using a computer to lure a minor for sex, and child endangerment. As part of a hazing tradition, Labrie was accused of forcing himself on a 15-year-old freshman girl in a mechanical room at […]

FAA approves paper drone

FAA approves the PowerUp 3.0 paper airplane drone to fly commercially. The smartphone-controlled paper airplane has a flight time of five to 10 minutes and a range of 180 feet. It has also been used and endorsed by NASA scientists. The petition was filed by a lawyer with a concentration in drone law and pilot who wants to […]

Columbia asks for case dismissal

Columbia University asks for Nungesser’s case to be dismissed on First Amendment grounds. Crediting an undergraduate student’s thesis on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses is a decision at the heart of academic freedom. [Courts should not] second guess the kinds of decisions made by professors and administrators at Columbia in applying disciplinary […]

Martin: Trump ‘makes my blood boil’

In a Univision op-ed Martin criticizes Trump’s treatment of Jose Ramos. The fact that an individual like Donald Trump, a candidate for the presidency of the United States for the Republican party, has the audacity to continue to gratuitously harass the Latin community makes my blood boil. When did this character assume he could make comments that […]

CNBC: Crashing the tech boys club

In an interview about the influence of the Ellen Pao case, Gouw talks about the impact of what she describes as the ‘unconscious bias’ in Silicon Valley. We’ve all had those little inequities, those death by a thousand cuts. The person who won’t speak to you and addresses all of their questions and comments to your […]

Lemonade stand shut down by police

Jessica Seinfeld posts a photo to Instagram after their son, Julian and two of his friends had their lemonade stand reportedly shut down by East Hampton police on Aug 18. A neighbor had complained about illegally parked cars, according to the East Hampton Press. Upon arrival, police told the Seinfelds that lemonade stands may not be operated on […]

Campaign claims over 130 superdelegates

Senior Clinton campaign officials claim that she has already secured about 130 superdelegates publicly backing her, but a person familiar with recent conversations in Minneapolis says that officials are telling supporters and the undecided in the last few days that private commitments increase that number to more than 440—about 20 percent of the number of delegates she would need […]

Green Tech interview

Fonstad talks about Draper Fisher Jurvetson investments in green tech in Menlo Park, California. Jennifer FonstadWatch this video on YouTube

CNET interview

As part of a CNET special report exploring what people and companies are doing to make the tech industry more diverse, Fonstad says: Both Theresia and I got to the point in our careers where we decided to focus on the early stage startup again so we can be more collaborative and company-building. We help them as they […]

Comes out of coma, describes attack

Gardner wakes from her medically-induced coma and tells her husband that she couldn’t see Flanagan approaching in front of her because of the bright lights of the camera. She says that Flanagan first targeted Parker, before turning to shoot Ward. She remembers seeing him wearing body armor. Husband: Then he shot three times at my wife, and she […]

Time profile

Gouw and Fonstad’s launch of Aspect Ventures is featured in Time. Gouw: There’s tons of data showing that diversity on boards, both public and private, and in management teams, leads to better financial returns. It helps to have a board room where people are looking at the same complicated problems from different angles. There is a growing understanding among […]

Drops nuggets supplier after animal cruelty video

McDonald’s and Tyson Foods both sever ties with T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee, which was under contract to Tyson Foods,  after an undercover video, released by Mercy For Animals,  by showed workers stabbing, beating and stomping on chickens in an undercover video shot by animal rights activists. Tyson supplies the chicken meat to McDonald’s. Tyson: Animal well-being […]

Mei Xiang born in Wolong, China

Mei Xiang is born in China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong, Sichuan Province. Her mother was Xue Xue and her father was Lin Nan; both parents were wild pandas. Her name means “beautiful fragrance.” She has black hip-high “stockings” extending up her hind legs. Her eye patches are oval, and a […]


Bilderman, Ashley Madison’s CEO, resigns. Effective today, Noel Biderman, in mutual agreement with the company, is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of Avid Life Media Inc. (ALM) and is no longer with the company. Until the appointment of a new CEO, the company will be led by the existing senior management team. This change is in […]

Wired profile

Wired profiles Gouw and Fonstad. Gow describes how, when working as Accel, she felt excluded from certain networking opportunities because she was a woman, and she would use a secret code on her calendar to conceal when she was going to a women’s networking event. That changed when Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In came out, and word […]

Bloomberg Business interview

Gouw and Fonstad talk to Chang and Johnson on Bloomberg West about how Aspect Ventures looks to help start companies for the long-term and where they see growth. Gouw: This is our entrepreneurial thing. It’s like when entrepreneurs see a vision and you are both called to something. And we think this is a great time […]

CNBC interview

Gouw and Fonstad talk about starting Aspect, being women in the boardroom, and investing in mobile start-ups. Fonstad: We both really wanted to get back to our roots and invest in startups at the early stage – rolling up our sleeves. We’ve both been working with companies for two decades each, and really wanted to work with companies through […]

$150 million first fund

Gouw and Fonstad raise $150 million for Aspect’s first fund. Gouw: We’re targeting $2 million to $5 million checks, but wanted to be small enough to also be able to work with a bigger platform firm if it’s a $10 million round — and there are a lot more of those now than there used to […]

Bloomberg interview: Joyus

Gouw talks with Bloomberg West‘s Chang, about the Accel Partner’s $7.9 million investment in Joyus, a startup that helps shoppers discover goods via short-form videos. She also discusses Accel’s investment strategy and the impact of social media on consumers. We always look for entrepreneurs with huge vision and strong domain expertise, and going after a […]

CNBC interview

Gouw and Fonstad talk about diversity and their fund on CNBC with Boorstin. Fonstand: Fundamentally we think diversity as a thesis is a very important part of any success in business. Whether that’s in a board room, in a venture firm or in a management team. But we think of diversity much more than just gender, though […]

Bloomberg West interview

Gouw and Cassidy discuss gender bias in the VC industry with Bloomberg’s Chang on Bloomberg West. Cassidy: At the end of the day, our own data shows that women face discrimination and bias. 67% of women tech founders said they encounter that. When you try to change any ecosystem – particularly ones in The Valley […]

Career Girls interview

In an interview with Career Girls, Gouw says she looks for three things when deciding to invest in a start-up company. The first is the person, the entrepreneur, and their passion and drive, as well as their “domain expertise” and what they know about the space. We really want to back the person who wants to make […]

Forbes interview: Staying motivated

Gouw says that working with dozens of entrepreneurs, and meeting hundreds more every year, drives her passion: The greatest thrill is to be there and see that company grow… and be there on the stock exchange… and see the company be a billion dollar company, when it was an idea that one or two people had, […]

Importance of women entrepreneurs

Fonstand talks with Falk Marques Group at the Women’s Private Equity Summit about Aspect Ventures, the emerging mobile market, and the importance of women entrepreneurs to the VC industry. The certainly has been a relatively low number of women in the venture industry. Traditionally around 10-11% are professionals and 4-5% are partners. We see in the entrepreneurial ranks […]

Diversity more important than funding females

In an interview with Silicon Valley Business Journal Gouw talks about deal flow: About 40 percent of our companies have female founders. About 60 percent are all men. Exabeam, for instance, isn’t just an all-male founding team. It’s an all-male company. That’s very representative of the deal flow that we get. We definitely get great early first […]

Enters rehab

Duggar’s parents say he has entered ‘faith-based’ rehab to treat his sex addiction: We are so thankful for the outpouring of love, care and prayers for our family during this most difficult situation with Josh. As parents we are so deeply grieved by our son’s decisions and actions. His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and […]

Invites audience member to inspect hair

During a speech in Greenville, SC, Trump says his hair is real. I don’t wear a toupee – it’s my hair. I swear!..[motions to audience member]…Come here – come here. We’re gonna settle this… You have to do an inspection here…This is crazy, just real quick. We don’t wanna mess it up too much, because […]

Tweets ‘black hand’ source pic

Right to Rise tweets the original photograph, showing Bush meeting a voter in an entirely different location. Mysterious hand revealed. Meant to use Valencia. Fail. Not deleting it from our servers. — Paul Lindsay (@Paul_Lindsay) August 22, 2015

Black hand on flyer

Bush’s Super Pac, Right to Rise USA, releases a flyer with what appears to be one white hand and one black hand. Donald Trump tweets: Jeb Bush has a photoshopped photo for an ad which gives him a black left hand and much different looking body. Jeb just can’t get it right!

Mirrors performance

Timberlake joins Swift, during her LA show at Staples Center, for a performance of Mirrors. Justin hasn’t performed since he became a dad, so I’m just honored that this is his first performance. MIND BLOWN!!! @jtimberlake @taylorswift13 #1989TourLA — STAPLES Center (@STAPLESCenter) August 27, 2015

Smelly Cat performance

Kudrow sings Smelly Cat with Swift on stage at Staples Center, Los Angeles. This singer has only ever played in coffee houses before. She never played in a big venue like this. Please make her feel welcome. You guys, her name is Phoebe Buffay. At one point, Kudrow stops the performance to give Swift advice: You […]