Blames Walker’s death on reckless driving

In response to Meadow Walker’s suit, Porsche blames reckless driving and excessive speeding for the crash that killed Walker. As we have said before, we are saddened whenever anyone is hurt in a Porsche vehicle, but we believe the authorities’ reports in this case clearly established that this tragic crash resulted from reckless driving and excessive […]

To become CEO

Sources say Dorsey is expected to be named the company’s new permanent CEO as early as October 1. Dorsey will apparently continue to be CEO of Square.

Gives Putin an ‘A’ on leadership

In his first interview on Fox News since his boycott, Trump talks with O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor. He says he supports Putin’s actions in Syria, and says Assad is preferable to ISIS. If he [Putin] wants to fight ISIS, let him fight ISIS. I say there’s very little downside with Putin fighting ISIS…Personally, I’ve been looking at the […]

Plans to go beyond 140 characters

Sources say Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit, enabling users to publish long-form content to the service. Users can already tweet out blocks of text with products like OneShot, but those are images, not actual text published on Twitter. The company is […]

‘We haven’t even started yet’

Speaking at BoxWorks, the annual conference by cloud storage firm Box, Cook is asked “What’s next for Apple?” by Box CEO Levie. We haven’t even started yet. Keep in mind our goal isn’t to be the biggest. We’ve always wanted to make the best, and we’ve always believed very deeply that if we made the best products, […]

UN is an ‘entirely corrupt body’

In an interview with Russia Today, Waters talks about the release of Roger Waters: The Wall, the media, and the UN. It is an entirely corrupt body with wonderful intentions and often with very good men at the head of the general assembly – and rather inferior men pulling the strings behind the Security Council…There can […]

Quits Twitter and Gawker

On the Re/code Decode podcast Dunham tells Swisher she has quit Twitter and Gawker citing verbal abuse and body-shaming. I don’t look at Twitter anymore. I tweet, but I do it through someone else. I really appreciate that anybody follows me at all, and so I didn’t want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really, truly […]

Comments on gay marriage licences, abuse victims, women priests

While returning from his visit to the US, the pontiff tells reporters aboard the papal plane that anyone who prevents others from exercising their religious freedom is denying them a human right. If a person does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right…It is a human right and if a […]

House Oversight Committee hearing

U.S. congressional Republicans challenge Planned Parenthood’s eligibility for federal funds, while Richards states that defunding it would restrict women’s access to care and disproportionately hurt low-income patients. Chairman Chaffetz: As far as I can tell … this is an organization that doesn’t need federal subsidy Richards also admits, in an exchange with Love that Planned Parenthood does […]

Secret meeting with Pope

Davis’ lawyers claims that she had a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican Embassy in Washington D.C on Sept 24. Davis says she was “humbled” and never thought she would be granted an audience. She and the pontiff hugged, and he presented her and her husband with two rosaries, which she is giving to her parents, who are […]

Model X launch

Musk launches the Model X SUV. The car can seat seven, has rear upward-opening “falcon” doors, and with the “ludicrous” option can reach 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. The car also has a “bioweapon defense mode,” an advanced HEPA air filter that will clean any viruses out of the air. The car also has the best safety ratings of […]

Kissed by fan

At a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Perry is kissed and groped by a female fan who comes onstage. The fan keeps wrapping her arms around Perry while they take selfies together. She’s kissing my neck!…I think she’s rolling. Rayane (Raiaiaia) e Katy Perry – Rock in Rio 2015Watch this video on YouTube

Denounces gays in UN address

Mugabe rejects extending rights to gay people in Zimbabwe during a speech at the UN General Assembly. We reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions and beliefs. We are not gays. He also criticized US and EU sanctions: We have peace in Zimbabwe just now. We don’t want war. We don’t want interference. […]

Puppy dies

Johnson’s puppy Brutus dies after accidentally consuming a poisonous mushroom. View this post on Instagram A post shared by therock (@therock)

‘I’m a Laker’

In the midst of recent speculation, including that of Coach Jackson, that he would finish his NBA career elsewhere, Bryant states that he doesn’t plan to play for anyone but the Lakers. A lot of players want to go to different teams or contend to win championships. I’m a Laker, man. I’m a Laker for […]

Endorses Trump

Icahn endorses Trump for president, criticizing the “dysfunction that is going on both in Washington and the boardrooms of corporate America” and cites the U.S. Congress for failing to reform taxes or immigration. He backs Trump’s calls to strike tax deals to encourage corporations to bring back overseas profits and stay based in the U.S.; to end […]

Visits New York City Hall

Mohamed is a guest of honor at New York’s City Hall, where he is given a proclamation from Public Advocate James, who calls him a role model and lets him sit in her chair in the council chambers. He also meets Mayor De Blasio. A young man builds a clock and starts a movement. Let's nurture tech […]

Joins Twitter

Snowden joins Twitter. He only follows a single account, the NSA. Can you hear me now? — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) September 29, 2015

Wrongful death suit

Meadow Walker files a wrongful death suit against Porsche allege that the Porsche Carrera GT lacked safety features that could have prevented the accident or, would have allowed her father to survive the crash. She also alleges that Porsche knew that the specific car in Paul’s case had a history of instability and control issues. [The company] failed to install […]

Kunduz airstrike

The U.S. military carries out an airstrike on the northern Afghan city of Kunduz one day after Taliban insurgents fought their way into the major city, repelling local Afghan forces. US military launches strike on Afghan city taken by TalibanWatch this video on YouTube

Putin, Obama meet

Obama meets Putin for the first time in more than two years. On the biggest issue that divides them in Syria, the U.S. still insists Syria’s future cannot include Assad, while Putin appears to only want to bolster the standing of his longtime ally, casting him as the best defense against Islamic States militants. Putin: Strange is […]

New York Times interview

Waters is interviewed by the New York Times, where he discusses The Wall. Maybe the making of the piece was my way of escaping from the cell of isolation I found myself in as a young man. I’ve spent my life trying to find the courage to expose myself to other people in order that they […]

Defends gay actor comments

In an interview with DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, Damon defends comments he made in The Guardian about gay actors. I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery. Right? And somebody picked it up and said I said gay actors should get back in the closet. Which is like I […]

The Guardian interview

Damon is interviewed by The Guardian. He talks about The Martian, Robin Williams and about rumors he and Ben Affleck were gay: It’s just like any piece of gossip… and it put us in a weird position of having to answer, you know what I mean? Which was then really deeply offensive. I don’t want to, […]

Norquist endorses tax plan

Norquist endorses Trump’s tax plan. However, Norquist’s American’s for Tax Reform has some concerns: Trump’s plan is certainly consistent with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Trump has said he opposes net tax hikes and has made clear that the real problem is spending. This plan is a reform, not a tax hike…The most disappointing part of the Trump plan […]

Waters, Durning divorce

Waters and Durning divorce. The couple have a prenuptial agreement. Source: Laurie has been telling friends in the Hamptons that they are divorcing. Things haven’t been good for a while.

Up to seven years sentence

Mitchell is sentenced to between 2 1/3 years and seven years for her part in Matt and Sweat’s escape. Before sentencing she claims that Matt threatened to kill her husband if she didn’t help him and Sweat escape. If I could take it all back I would. I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am […]

Compares LGBT community to KKK

Banks compares the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. LGBT community are like the gay white KKK’s. Get some pink hoods and unicorns and rally down rodeo drive.

Addresses United Nations

President Obama addresses the General Assembly of the United Nations. He calls President Assad of Syria is a “tyrant” and urges the international community to work together to defeat ISIS, and that he is prepared to work with Russia and Iran to resolve the conflict. By [Russia’s] logic we should support tyrants like Bashar al Assad…because the […]

60 Minutes interview

Trump is interviewed by Pelley on 60 minutes. He talks about his upcoming tax plan: Some very wealthy are going to be raised. Some people that are getting unfair deductions are going to be raised. But overall it’s going to be a tremendous incentive to grow the economy and we’re going to take in the […]

Apologizes to Cook

Sorkin apologizes to Cook I think that Tim Cook and I probably both went a little too far. And I apologize to Tim Cook. I hope when he sees the movie, he enjoys it as much as I enjoy his products.

Releases tax plan

Trump releases his tax plan, which reduces rates for corporations and the middle class, while eliminating tax deductions for the country’s wealthiest earners. The tax code will be simplified into four levels – 25 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent and zero. Single individuals making $25,000 or less a year and couples filing jointly who have a combined […]

H&M Essentials ad

Beckham and Hart appear in a long-form ad for H&M. Hart follows Beckham for a week in an attempt to get to know him so he can play him in I, Beckham, the movie. Beckham: Kevin Hart is one of the funniest, smartest guys around. I love to do the unexpected for my H&M campaigns. I hope […]

Flowing water found on Mars

NASA says ‘dark finger-style’ marks that change with the seasons and were first spotted in 2011 by Ojha, using images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, are signs of water flowing under the surface of Mars. Ojha investigated the composition of these seasonal flows by studying their infrared wavelengths. In each location researchers found the presence of hydrated […]

Protesters throw condoms

Planned Parenthood supporters and Code Pink activists scream insults and throw condoms at a Fiorina event, a tailgate before a Hawkeyes game in Iowa. Fiorina talks about her with one protester: She came on and said she was concerned about women’s health and as a cancer survivor I said, I was too. And, she said she […]

Meets church child abuse victims

Francis meets with five victims of child sexual abuse and tells them he is “deeply sorry” for the times they came forward to tell their stories and weren’t believed. He assures them that he believes them and that bishops who covered up for abusers will be made to answer for what they did. I pledge to you […]

Philadelphia open air mass

Francis conducts an open-air mass in Philadelphia. Crowds fill Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the Pope’s last official event before he returns to Italy. [Your presence is] a kind of miracle in today’s world. Would that all of us could be open to miracles of love for the sake of all the families of the world. […]

No government shutdown

Boehner says to Dickerson on Face the Nation that there will be no government shutdown. The Senate is expected to pass a continuing resolution next week, the House will take up the Senate bill. Boehner said he’s certain the continuing resolution will require Democratic votes to pass, expects Democrats will want to keep the government open. Boehner also says said the […]

Calls for universal internet access

Zuckerberg calls for universal internet access in partnership with the the ONE campaign. When people have access to the tools and knowledge of the internet, they have access to opportunities that make life better for us all.

Retweets Martin’s dead body image

Zimmerman retweets a photo of Martin’s dead body alongside a message from a follower saying: ‘Z-Man is a one man army.’ He later removes the tweet.  

TechCrunch Disrupt interview

Carter is interviewed by Lane at TechCrunch Disrupt. He says that artists’ complaints about streaming revenues are flawed, because the only alternative to streaming services is piracy or having someone listen to the song on YouTube for free. He says artists to be patient, and said that streaming is a numbers game. Once everyone is converted to services like […]

Republican claims are ‘conspiracy theory’

During an interview with Todd on Meet the Press, Clinton is asked if she decided to use a homebrew server to keep her emails out of the hands of Republicans, congressional investigators and those filing Freedom of Information Act requests. Another conspiracy theory? It’s totally ridiculous…I have, as you’re rightly pointing out, been involved from the receiving […]

Drivers sue

Drivers begin to sue VW for misleading them about their car’s emissions. Customer: I felt ill. It’s really made us feel very bad about what we ourselves are now doing to the environment. Lawyers representing around three dozen VW customers: Volkswagen has committed a bait and switch. Everyone we’ve spoken with feels that they’ve been lied […]

Appointed VW Group CEO

Müller is named Volkswagen Group CEO to replace Martin Winterkorn. His contract runs through the end of February 2020. Until a replacement is found, Müller will continue to be chairman of Porsche.

Claims he would still be in NFL if hadn’t come out

In an interview Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show, Sam talks about coming out. I wanted to come out after I made an NFL roster, it really wasn’t supposed to be public. It was just supposed to be to the team, as I did at the University of Missouri. I wanted to be the one to tell my own […]

More emails found

Despite Clinton saying she had provided all work emails from her time as secretary of state, the Department of Defense uncovers a chain of emails between Clinton and General Petraeus. The exchange of ten emails, which mainly covers personnel issues,  starts shortly before Clinton enters office and continues during her first days as the top U.S. diplomat in January […]

Netflix VR app

Oculus VR Chief Executive Iribe unveils Netflix’s app for the Samsung Gear VR headset, which will ship in November. The app will also be available on Oculus Rift following its commercial launch in early 2016. The app consists of Netflix Living Room, a feature which enables users to watch movies and TV shows in 3D. The complete Netflix catalog […]

Refused Australian visa

Australia’s immigration department issues a “notice of intention to consider refusal” which means that Brown cannot enter the country. Tickets for his December tour in the country are due to go on sale Sept 28. He has 28 days to appeal. Australia’s Minister for Women: People need to understand, if you are going to commit domestic violence and you […]

CBS interview

Gilmour and Samson are interviewed by Mason on CBS News. Gimour describes the thrill of hearing his music on the radio: You have this idea that there are millions, literally, of people listening to it at the same time as you and that little strange telepathy of a feeling that you’re sharing something live with all those people. […]

No discrimination against Asian students

The Federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights says there is no evidence that Princeton University discriminates against Asian and Asian-American applicants. One claim has come from a student originally from China who was wait-listed in 2006, while, they said, applicants of with similar credentials were accepted. The other is from the parents of a student of Indian descent who was […]