Thanks fans, says she’ll take time to decide next move

Rousey thanks her fans. I want to say thank you to all of my fans who have been there for me in not only the greatest moments but in the most difficult ones. Words cannot convey how much your love and support means to me. Returning to not just fighting, but winning, was my entire focus […]

Posts New Year message from sister’s wedding

McGregor shares a picture with his father at his sister Aoife’s wedding. He also shares a New Year’s message with his fans. God bless and happy New Year to all my family, my friends and my fans! We are going to toast tonight! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma)

Mother urges Rousey to retire

Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, says she would like to see her daughter retire, and has not changed her negative opinion on Rousey’s coach. I think she’s sad and disappointed like anybody would be in the circumstances…I think making snap decisions like [retirement] that is probably not the best idea, so I don’t know, but I would […]

Trump ‘Glad to see Rousey lose fight’

Trump tweets that his is glad to see Rousey lose her championship fight, and says she is “not a nice person”. Glad to see that @RondaRousey lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten – not a nice person! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2015

White: Rousey built the UFC

White talks about Rousey’s loss to Nunes. I went backstage after and hung out with her for probably 45 minutes. I’ll tell you this: She’s in better spirits this time than after the Holly fight. She’s very competitive. She does not like to lose. She loves to win. She loves to do what she sets out […]

Post-fight intervew

Nunes is interviewed after her win over Rousey. When I connect to her with my jab I knew she was going to go down…I trained for everything she bring today. If she come forward, try to  take me down, I’d be ready for everything… If she doesn’t know how to make changes to her game […]

Nunes defeats Rousey

Nunes retains the bantamweight championship, defeating Rousey in 48 seconds with a TKO. I am dedicated fighter and I had my team behind me. All those guys have made me an amazing fighter and brought me onto another level. This is my moment. She had her time, she done her actress parts – thank you Ronda Rousey but […]

Garabrant defeats Cruz

In a unanimous decision Garbrandt beats Cruz after five rounds to become the UFC bantamweight champion. Garbrandt ends the first round with a cut over his right eye. In the third round a headbut leaves Cruz bleeding from a deep cut over his left eye. In the fourth round Garbrandt drops Cruz four times. It sounds […]

Nurmagomedov: UFC hiding McGregor, wants Ferguson fight

After Dana White says Nurmagomedov will not fight Ferguson (due to money issues) and that the Russian fighter’s father had turned down a bout with Jose Aldo, Nurmagomedov says the UFC is hiding McGregor from him, and asks to fight Ferguson. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov)

UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

The UFC releases the fifth episode of UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog. Cruz and challenger Garbrandt break down their verbal altercation after “No Love” storms out of a television interview. Nunes talks about her weight cut, and all fighters, including Rousey, hit their targets at the official weigh-in. UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5Watch this video on YouTube

Rousey-Nunes face-off

Rousey and Nunes face off in Las Vegas. Nunes comes out in a lion’s head mask. She’s Back!! Can! Not! Wait!! @Amanda_Leoa vs. @RondaRousey at #UFC207 — UFC Europe (@UFCEurope) December 29, 2016

UFC 207: Official Weigh-in

Rousey and Nunes will appear at the official weigh-in for UFC 207 at  6pm/3pm ET/PT (11pm UK time) live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. UFC 207: Official Weigh-inWatch this video on YouTube

Discusses father’s suicide in documentary clip

Rousey appears in a clip from the upcoming documentary, Through My Father’s Eyes, where she talks about her father’s suicide, Interviewer: Did you see him that morning? RR: I think I did, but the funny thing is I couldn’t remember the last thing he said to me. I couldn’t remember if it was “goodbye’ or […]

White: Rousey ‘as good as I’ve seen her’

White says he is fine with giving Rousey a pass on promotion this time. If you look at the amount of press that has been done by any fighter in the UFC history, Ronda smokes everybody by a long shot. This is the way she wanted it. The only thing she cares about right now is […]

Third place in CBS ‘Fighter of Year’ awards

CBS Sports gives McGregor third place in its UFC Fighter of the Year award. Now, before you start throwing stones, please remember that McGregor is the only fighter on this list to even suffer a loss in 2016. The Irishman continues to do some of the craziest things in the sport, bringing in more fans […]

White: McGregor not scheduled for any fights

Despite McGregor saying he could fight earlier than May 2017. White says he is not currently looking to book McGregor into any fights. The last conversation that Conor and I had he was taking 10 months off. I’m not even thinking about Conor. Conor is not in my plans for the next 10 months. We […]

White: Nick Diaz turned down every fight offered by UFC

During the UFC 207 Media Scrum, White says Nick Diaz has turned down every welterweight fight offered by UFC, including a fight against McGregor. Diaz reportedly turned down the McGregor fight to keep it for his brother, Nate. Weight debates aside, Dana White told me he's offered Nick Diaz fights at welterweight. According to White, he's turned […]

Garbrandt storms out of Cruz head-to-head interview

Garbrandt storms out of a head-to-head interview with Cruz after talk between the two turned to Garbrandt’s girlfriend and Cruz commenting on her Instagram. Cruz: Keep your fling on a string. She shouldn’t be hollering at me on social media. Keep her to yourself. As far as I’m concerned, I did you and her a favor. […]

McGregor-Garbrandt fight

McGregor criticizes TJ Dillashaw (who is not present) on the show The Ultimate Fighters, telling Faber that he is only in it for himself. Garbrandt gets up and starts to push him. The two fighters are held back by the rest of the group. McGregor: Loyalty’s a strong thing for me, and I respect loyalty a lot. But […]

Posts sparring session with ‘The Mountain’

McGregor reposts a video of him sparring against 6ft9 400lb Bjornsson, who plays ‘The Mountain” in Game of Thrones. show me one more motherf-cker bareknuckle with an 8 footer and sitting him down #showme #p4p #bigbread Conor McGregor vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones)Watch this video on YouTube

Diaz reminds McGregor of trilogy fight promise

Diaz calls out McGregor’s statement before UFC 202 that he would “100%” fight Diaz in a trilogy fight. McGregor: The way it all panned out I’ve got other business to look after after this but, make no mistake, it will be a trilogy down the line. It won’t be straight away but we will do […]

UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

On Episode 2 of UFC 207 Embedded, bantamweight champion Cruz eats sushi before doing some last-minute shopping, while his opponent Garbrandt spends his holiday at a meal hosted by mentor Urijah Faber. Nunes goes to a laundry in Las Vegas and Rousey arrives in the city to begin her first fight week in over a year. UFC 207 Embedded: […]

Rogan: McGregor will fight Nurmagomedov next

Rogan says McGregor will fight Nurmagomedov next. The UFC is about to go to Russia. They want to get in there. Conor McGregor versus Khabib Nurmagomedov, that’s what I think is up. Giant! Joe Rogan Predicts Conor McGregor's Next Fight — Conor McGregor News (@ConormcGregor5) December 27, 2016

Abdelaziz: McGregor will fight Woodley next

Abdelaziz, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager, says that McGregor’s next fight will be against Woodley at welterweight (170 pounds). He also says Dana White’s comments about McGregor being “too small” to fight at that weight are part of a negotiating strategy. Let me make a prediction: McGregor’s next fight is going to be Tyron Woodley for the […]

May hold boxing bout in Russia next year

Rourke’s agent says he may hold a boxing match in Russia in 2017. We are currently in work on organizing a bout for Mickey in the Urals,. This may happen in February or March next year. Mickey is now practicing every day, he is looking forward for the bout and keeps asking when he would be […]

Johnston: I should be ahead of McGregor in pound-for-pound rankings

Johnston says he should be ranked above McGregor in UFC pound-for-pound rankings. You know what, I believe [I should be ahead of McGregor in pound-for-pound rankings], I think I am. I think going out there and showing everything in my last fight. I showed I had a good clinch. TKO’d Henry Cejudo. Joseph Benavidez just went […] fighter of the year awards Frampton “Fighter of the year”: No other fighter in 2016 scored such an impressive combination of victories in high-profile bouts against elite opponents – in multiple divisions, on the road – with one of them a contender for fight of the year. Frampton: It’s been a great year for myself. I’ve fought on […]

Balotelli: McGregor should fight Petrosyan

Balotelli tells McGregor to fight his friend, Petrosyan, who is rated eighth in the lightweight division of the Glory kickboxing championship. GOOD LUCK FOR THIS ONE PLEASE DONT BE SCARED View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mario Balotelli🇮🇹 🇬🇭👨‍👧‍👦🦁 (@mb459)

Taoiseach supports McGregor

Kenny, the Taoiseach (leader of) the Irish parliament, gives his backing to McGregor being awarded the title of Irish Sports Personality of the Year. Conor McGregor is a fabulous athlete, he’s a no-nonsense man obviously and he’s a worthy winner of the  Sports Personality of the Year. Sometimes when you see the fights in the cage, you […]

All The Belts video

Flashgitz Anim releases a McGregor parody animation, where McGregor goes after all the belts in the world (and beyond).  

Coach: Aldo not lying about McGregor fight

Pederneiras, Aldo’s coach says the UFC should confirm that Aldo is going to fight McGregor. I think it’s time for the UFC to say something and back up everything we’re saying. It sounds like we’re just saying stuff, but throughout all of this I’ve received messages, e-mails with proposals, everything. On our end, Aldo is in no […]

Ferguson: ‘We’re going to wreck McGregor’s ass’

Ferguson says McGregor is no match for him. Honestly, people are going to do what they’re going to do. This is the fight game. I’m not worried or scared about absolutely anybody who’s not talking about me. That dude (McGregor) does not want any part of me. That dude got beat by a No. 5 in […]

White: Diaz trilogy fight could ‘ruin’ McGregor

White says he doesn’t want McGregor to fight a “trilogy” fight with Diaz. The problem with the rubber match is Diaz is a 170-pounder. He’s a massive guy. Conor is a very talented guy, he’s very, very good. Every time he goes out there he looks better… [But] we should have never done it in the […]

Will not take part in UFC 207 media activities

The UFC says neither Rousey nor current titleholder Nunes will take part in the week’s lone media session, Wednesday’s Ultimate Media Day, which is closed to the public. Ultimate Media Day will instead feature the remaining UFC 207 main-card fighters. Both fighters will, however, appear at the official weigh-in.

‘Always in shape’ selfie

McGregor appears in a selfie in skin-coloured shorts, in front of a Lamborghini Huracan. always in shape — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) December 24, 2016

Fans doing McGregor impression interrupted by…McGregor

A couple of McGregor fans outside a Dublin pub, pretending to throwing out a few McGregor moves, are shocked when the man himself stops his car beside them. You’ll do nuthin! Conor McGregor makes an appearance at HCM Christmas Party!Watch this video on YouTube

White: McGregor will ‘kick Mayweather’s ass’

White comments on Mayweather’s recent videos criticizing and calling out McGregor. Floyd’s about this tall (points towards the ground), his hands are like peanut brittle, he has to wrap them a million times so he doesn’t break his hands. Floyd better hope he don’t run into Conor on the street. Let me tell you what, […]

White: McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight could be next

White says McGregor and Nurmagomedov could be the next lightweight fight. Currently, Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson are in discussions to fight for the interim lightweight title in McGregor’s absence, but nothing is official yet. We’re focused very heavily on Russia right now. First of all, there’s tons of talent coming out of Russia, and a lot of fans. There’s a fighter […]

Khan ‘willing to set aside friendship’ to fight McGregor

As he announces the launch of a new MMA league in Britain, Khan says he is willing to fight McGregor in MMA. MMA is big and getting bigger. Fighters like Conor McGregor are making a lot of noise. MMA is hitting some high numbers on pay per view. I am always going to be involved in boxing […]

Kavanagh: It’s bizarre the new UFC owners haven’t called McGregor

Kavanagh says it’s bizarre that the new owners of UFC haven’t contacted McGregor yet. He made it clear after his last fight that he’s keen to talk business with the UFC’s new owners,” he said. “I find it utterly bizarre that they’ve yet to make contact. Maybe they’re spending their time trying to get a solid […]

White: McGregor should buy UFC equity

White says McGregor could receive equity from the UFC, but thinks the Irishman should simply buy his own. I think anything is possible. A lot of people bought into equity. Conor’s got enough money to buy a piece. If Conor really wants to come in, come on in. A lot of people put their money up […]

White: McGregor is the definition of ‘pound-for-pound’ fighter

White says McGregor is underrated as a pound-for-pound fighter. Conor is a very talented fighter, he’s very, very good. Every time he goes out there, he looks better. And when you talk about the pound-for-pound, they don’t have Conor McGregor as the pound-for-pound. The media does the ratings. When you talk about what the pound-for-pound really means, […]

Moses selfie

McGregor posts a selfie. Moses — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) December 23, 2016

Warrior Code video

Rousey appears in a promotional video for UFC 207, titled Warrior Code. After I win, it feels like I am in love with everyone in my room. It’s like you instantly fell head-over-heels in love with 18,000 people at first sight, even if they’re all booing me. UFC 207: Ronda Rousey – Warrior CodeWatch this […]

Mir: McGregor ‘wouldn’t last even a round’ with Nurmagomedov

Mir, a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion, says that the Russian MMA market is different to the USA, to McGregor’s benefit. In the US a lot of people are more interested in the story behind what’s going on rather than what the fight is. I just think they watch the fight to see the result […]

White: McGregor-Mayweather fight will ‘never happen’

White says McGregor and Mayweather will not fight. Well there’s a lot of talk going on about this now. But let’s look at it this way. If they really fought, it would be ugly. It would be ugly for Floyd. Conor has more weapons and tools than Floyd Mayweather does…If they were to box, look at […]

Responds to ‘mean tweets’

McGregor reads out and responds to ‘mean tweets’ that have been sent to him ahead of UFC 189. Tweet: Conor McGregor is like a little angry ginger cat CMcG: A lion? A tiger. A leopard. A cheetah! But I’m not angry. Conor McGregor responds to Twitter abuse ahead of UFC 189Watch this video on YouTube

Northern Soul interview

The band are interviewed by Northern Soul, a music blog. Aaron Starkie: Last year when we played Ramsbottom it felt like the time that things were starting to kick off, and we were getting one or two festivals. And word started spreading. On new songs: We’re getting evicted from our rehearsal rooms, which doesn’t help. […]