Portrays Disney’s Elsa

Mendoza is tapped by Disney to represent Frozen’s Elsa in their 2016 calendar. The shoot was so much fun because it’s my first time to do this and it’s very new to me. I love it. I love Elsa.

Philippines victory walk

Wutzbach does a homecoming victory walk, in place of the one she missed in the 64th Miss Universe pageant. Wearing her crown, she smiles and waves in front of the thousands of fans in Araneta Coliseum, a place where her dream of becoming Miss Universe started. This is the final event in Wurtzbach’s homecoming itinerary. Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach […]

Bravely Second Jobs trailer

Nintendo releases a trailer for Bravely Second with new job classes designs and their functions on the battlefield. The game will be released in Europe on February 23 and in America on April 15.

Wants to get tested for HIV

As part of her HIV advocacy, Wutzbach says she will be tested for HIV. The first step is get yourself tested and to let yourself be informed. I have plans of getting tested myself, too. If I take the first step, then maybe others can follow suit. So I hope that they do, they really do. Pia Wurtzbach […]

House approves tax exemption

The ways and means committee of Philippine Congress approves House Bill 6367, which seeks to exempt Wurtzbach from payment of taxes arising from her winnings from the international pageant. The Bill filed by the Cagayan de Oro representative is approved unanimously. During the hearing, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) lawyer says there will be no double taxation on Wurtzbach’s […]

Runs for Senator

Pacquiao formally declares his senatorial bid in the 2016 Philippine general elections. He is currently a member of the Philippine House of Representatives representing the province of Sarangani. The boxer announces his bid for a higher Senate seat during his State of the District Address. In the coming days, I will be embracing new levels […]

Tax fraud investigation opens

Italian police anounce an investigation into allegations of tax fraud by the nation’s top soccer teams. The probe affects 35 teams over two divisions, and has already resulted in a decree to seize assets worth $13 million from 58 people involved with professional soccer in Italy.

Sebring, OH, water operator accused

Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency accuses the water treatment plant operator of falsifying reports in a lead poisoning scandal in Sebring, Ohio. It is not clear at this time how long the lead has been leaching into the town’s drinking water. The agency issued a warning about Sebring’s water supply on Dec. 3, The agency then directly […]

Shoots woman in theater

Gallion is arrested after he shoots Mallari in the back during a showing of 13 Hours. His attorney claims that Gallion was so concerned about the threat of mass shootings in cinemas that he defied the theater’s ban on concealed weapons and carried a handgun into the theater, and that the weapon accidentally discharged during the movie.

PP cleared; Abbot, Merritt charged

A Texas grand jury clears Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of wrongdoing in an investigation launched last year under Gov. Abbott. The grand jury instead indicted two anti-abortion activists involved with covert videos about fetal tissue procurement. The activists, Daleiden and Merritt, have been charged with tampering with a governmental record. Daleiden has also been charged with […]

UFC 196 moves to Fox Sports 1

White announces that, due to Cain Velazquez and Fabricio Werdum, pulling out of the main event fight due to injuries, the UFC’s upcoming event will not be a pay-per-view event, but instead will be shown on Fox Sports 1. The original co-main event, Hendricks against Thompson, will headline the upcoming fight card.

Wins Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2015

Wurtzbach is the crowned winner of Binibining Pilipinas – Universe 2015. It is the third time that she joined the pageant, winning first runner-up in 2013 and landing in the Top 15 in 2014. She represents Cagayan de Oro City and bested other 33 contestants during the Bb Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night at the Smart Araneta, Quezon City. Her answer to the […]

SF Mayor requests federal probe

San Francisco Mayor Lee requests a federal investigation into the police shooting of Woods. Lee says that the federal investigation will invite “transparency and accountability” in the San Francisco police department: We seek answers, not just to the facts of Mr Woods’ case, but also answers about how as a Police Department and a City we […]

Carey, Packer get engaged

Carey announces her engagement to Packer, after Packer popped the question in New York City on January 21. Packer reportedly gives Carey a 35-carat diamond ring.  

Winnings taxable in Philippines

The cash prize and other awards received by Wurtzbach for winning the Miss Universe title are subject to income tax according to Philippine revenue official. We, too, are elated and proud that she won the Miss Universe title but we have to implement the law. Wurtzbach’s earnings from within and outside the country form part of […]

Permanent police chief decision on track

Authorities in Ferguson, MO say that they are on track to select a permanent police chief by March of 2016. The department has been without a permanent commander since March of 2015. The person taking on the role will have to work under close scrutiny by the Justice Department as the Ferguson PD works to rebuild […]

Rom-com emoji quiz

Wurtzbach sits down with Bustle to guess romantic comedies using only emojis as her clues. Sleep. Rain. City. Sleepless in Seattle? Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Guesses Movie EmojisWatch this video on YouTube

Takes first Miss Universe walk

Considering the unique circumstances of her victory, Wurtzbach finally takes her long overdue Miss Universe walk on American talk show Live with Kelly and Michael. Kelly: Pia, you never had the chance to do your walk. You know, the famous walk. Do you want to do your walk for us now. Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Interview […]

First interview as Miss Universe 2015

Wutzbach officially starts her reign appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America. She talks about the controversial announcement mix-up and her thoughts on sharing the crown. I think it would be a little bit difficult for two girls to share a crown, but I have high hopes that this will give great opportunities for me and Miss Colombia […]

Visits President Aquino

Wurtzbach pays courtesy call at Malacañang. She is accompanied by her mother and Miss Universe President Shugart. After talking with the President, Wurtzbach gives a short press conference. It’s an honor to be in the presence of the President, of course, especially now that I’m here as Miss Universe, bringing back the crown for the Filipino. […]

Philippine Senate honors

Wurtzbach visits the Philippine Senate for a courtesy call and to receive Senate Resolution 111 congratulating and commending her for giving honor to the country. Senate President Drilon: For a country that is very proud of the intelligence, talent and beauty of its women, this is indeed a great reason to celebrate. Miss Universe Pia […]


North Korea arrests Warmbier, a student at the University of Virginia, on charges of “committing a hostile act“ against the state. Warmbier entered North Korea through China as part of a tourist group through Young Pioneer Tours, a tourism company. The U. S. is working through the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang to resolve the incident, as […]

Homecoming parade

Crowds of people come out to show support for Wurtzbach, who brought home the Miss Universe crown after 42 years, at a homecoming parade through Manila. The model wears a green terno and waves the Philippine flag from her float which resembles her crown. I hope I can be an inspiration to all of you, not […]

Forgives Harvey

Wurtzbach appears on The Steve Harvey Show titled Miss Universe: The Truth more than a month after the Miss Universe 2015 fiasco. Wurtzbach: Don’t beat yourself up for this anymore. Come on. Let’s move forward, let’s be happy. Harvey: I want some healing to be done. for you and for Miss Colombia. I want that more than anything. […]

Teen charged

Saskatchewan authorities charge a 17-year-old boy with four counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder in the shootings. He cannot be named due to his age, and no motive has been given for the attacks. The RCMP says the suspect will appear in court next week: The days and weeks are going to be difficult as we come […]

Countries warn women to delay pregnancy

Officials in four Latin American and Caribbean countries warn women to delay pregnancy as the consequences of the Zika virus outbreak for developing fetuses become more apparent. During an outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil, the nation saw an increase of nearly 4,000 infants born with microcephaly. US health authorities have warned pregnant women to […]

Virus likely to spread across Americas

The WHO warns that the Zika virus is likely to spread across the Americas. The virus has already been found in 21 countries in the Caribbean, North and South America. No treatment or vaccine is available. The virus is spread through the Aedes mosquito. This mosquito is found throughout the Americas with the exceptions of Canada […]

Shares best advice

At the homecoming press conference, Wurtzbach says that the best advice she received on her journey to the crown was from 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup. She said you should know when to peak. You should save your energy for moments that really matter. The competition can be very exhausting. There are times that you should […]

Miss Philippines wins Miss Universe 2015 after mix-up

In the final stages of the 64th annual competition for Miss Universe in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Harvey initially reads Miss Colombia as winner. After she is crowned however, Harvey returns to the stage and corrects himself. Ok folks, I have to apologize the first runner-up is Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines! Steve Harvey Crowns […]

Delays flights

McDonald-Cartier International Airport in Ottawa and Pearson International Airport in Toronto are asking travelers to check flight statuses before arrival due to numerous delays and cancellations caused by storm Jonas. The delays and cancellations mainly affect flights to or from Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

Victims remembered

Families of the La Loche shooting victims remember their loved ones as the investigations into the first Canadian school shooting in three years continues. Janvier’s cousin: She was such a great storyteller. She was kind. Wood’s family: Adam was quite an adventurer, had a passion for life, and would often make you laugh until your stomach […]

Victims identified

Family members identify all four victims of the La Loche shootings: teachers Janvier and Wood, and brothers Dayne and Drayden Fontaine.  Local MP Jolibois, who previously served as mayor of La Loche, says that the community is “in shock.” La Loche, being such a small community, everyone knows each other. We grew up together – we’re […]

43 drown off Greek coast

At least 43 migrants drown when their wooden sailboat capsizes on the voyage from Turkey to Europe. 17 of the dead are children. Greek Coast Guard officials are unclear as to why the boat sank off the coast of Kalymnos, but say that winds were strong at the time. Fishing vessels take part in search and […]

Returns to Philippines

Wurtzbach returns to the Philippines after winning the Miss Universe 2015 pageant in Las Vegas. She arrives in NAIA Terminal 2. Bb. Pilipinas officials, the media and pageant supporters welcome her. I’m so happy, I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited to finally come home. I don’t want to reveal too much about my […]

Reacts to La Loche shootings

Prime Minister Trudeau reacts to the La Loche shootings from Davos, Switzerland, where he learned of the attack hours later. Obviously this is every parent’s worst nightmare. When I spoke with community leaders, they obviously expressed that their community is reeling and all of us across the country, our hearts are going out to the […]

21 Palestinians shot

Israeli forces shoot 21 Palestinians in multiple incidents across the occupied territories, including a nine-year-old girl shot in the hand, while standing on the porch of her home, and a ten-year-old boy shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet in the head. Others at the same scene are affected by tear gas. The girls is taken to a local […]

Seven states declare State of Emergency

Seven states declare states of emergency as Jonas moves across the eastern United States. The blizzard, accompanied by gale-force winds, dumps as much as 23 inches of snow in some areas and has already been blamed for 12 deaths. Most deaths occurred in traffic accidents, but one person in Maryland dies while shoveling snow. Louis Uccellini, director […]

Assault charges

Police in Gatineau, Quebec arrest Brazeau on suspicion of domestic violence after an altercation at a private residence in that city. He is accused of fighting with Vanessa Brixton while intoxicated, and of making threats against an unnamed man also present at the scene. Authorities also found a “small amount” of cocaine in Brazeau’s possession during the arrest. A spokesman […]

Norway deports migrants

Norway deports 60 migrants to Russia under new rules that allow them to deport any migrant originating in a country deemed to be “safe.” The new rules are expected to see 5,500 people deported to Russia. Many of the migrants are fleeing the war in Syria, but they crossed into Norway through Russia via the Arctic […]

Fraud charges

The RCMP charge Senator Brazeau, and former senator Harb, with fraud, alleging improper claiming of living expenses. Both men deny the charges. Three other senators are named, but the RCMP had not yet decided whether or not to bring charges against them.

Injured at home

Senator Brazeau is found with a serious injury in his home in Ottawa. He undergoes emergency surgery and is  in critical but stable condition. The nature of his injuries and the cause of his injuries are not disclosed, but police say that there is no criminal investigation. Brazeau has been on paid leave of absence since 2013 […]

Robbery suspects identified

Police in north Germany identify suspects in the botched armed robbery of an armored car near Bremen in June as former members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, also known as the Red Army Faction. The ultra-left wing terrorist organization killed over 30 people in the 1970s and 80s. Garweg, Klette and Staub are identified through DNA testing and fingerprints. […]

Dabiq magazine confirms death

IS magazine Dabiq publishes a eulogy for British militant Emwazi, better known in the west as Jihadi John. Emwazi was believed to have been killed in a U. S. air strike in Raqqa in November, but his death was unconfirmed. The publication of the eulogy confirms Emwazi’s death.

Wolf restoration draws ire

The Fish and Wildlife Service announces plans to restore the Mexican gray wolf in the American Southwest. The plan arouses suspicion among ranchers in the affected areas, who are concerned about economic impacts in their areas and about invasive species.Wolf opponents in Utah and Colorado contend that the Mexican gray wolf is not native to their […]

Denmark plans refugee property seizure

Denmark announces plans to demand refugees’ valuables in an attempt to make Denmark less appealing as a place of refuge. The rule is not different from laws that apply to Danes receiving welfare benefits, but lawmakers supporting the bill admit that the goal is to discourage people seeking asylum in Denmark. 20,000 people applied for […]

Women Targeted

Amnesty International reports that female refugees coming to Europe face violence and harassment in excess of what is faced by male refugees.The report is based on interviews with 40 women and girls in Germany and Norway last month who had traveled from Turkey to Greece and then across the Balkans. The threat is greatest in Hungary, […]

Three Americans kidnapped

The US Embassy in Iraq says that its nationals are “missing” after local media outlets say that three Americans had been kidnapped in Baghdad. Local security forces conduct house-to-house searches, but have not yet found the missing Americans. Citing privacy concerns, embassy officials decline to identify the Americans involved. State Department: The safety and security of Americans […]

Strict borders boost human trafficking

Doctors Without Borders says traffickers are being boosted by strict border policies intended to stop migration in Europe. Many Balkan and central European states have tightened their borders in the wake of the Paris attacks in November 2015. Our teams have seen, ever since the closure of the border to some nationalities …the return of […]

Threatens Taiwan

After the island elects pro-independence leader Tsai, China warns that Taiwan should “abandon its hallucinations about pushing for independence”. If there is no peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan’s new authority will find the sufferings of the people it wishes to resolve on the economy, livelihood and its youth will be as useless as […]