I Know You promo

UFC release a promo video for UFC202, titled I Know You. UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor 2 – I Know YouWatch this video on YouTube

McGregor, Kavanagh Rolling video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor and coach Kavanagh rolling in training. Conor McGregor & John Kavanagh rolling #TheMacLifeWatch this video on YouTube

UFC 202 Extended Preview

UFC releases an Extended Preview of UFC 202 featuring Diaz and McGregor. UFC 202: Extended PreviewWatch this video on YouTube

Alvarez: I’ll fight McGregor at Welterweight

At a press conference for UFC 201, Alvarez challenges McGregor, I started my career at 170. Actually, I wouldn’t have to make the cut, so I’d actually appreciate that if he made it at 170. I don’t like going to 155; I do it because everyone else does. It just means we’ll have a better training […]

Diaz: The UFC created McGregor

Diaz tells Whitlock that McGregor’s fame is due to the UFC pushing his image. Well that’s what the UFC did. They pushed his fan base and put all their energy and exposure on him. Like I said, I’ve been fighting a long time. They haven’t been (doing it for me) and they now can’t deny it. Look, […]

McGregor imposter crashes Diaz meet-and-greet

A McGregor impersonator crashes Diaz’s meet-and-greet for UFC 202. Unlike with the real McGregor, the two exchange friendly handshakes, and take pictures for Twitter. Conner MCGregor gets in Nate Diaz meet and greet.Watch this video on YouTube

Ultimate Fighter Gym video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor taking his camp to The Ultimate Fighter training facilities in downtown Las Vegas. Conor McGregor sparring at The Ultimate Fighter gym in Las Vegas #TheMacLifeWatch this video on YouTube

Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Episode 5

Monster Energy releases the fifth and final episode of the Valentino Rossi: The Doctor series. This episode explores the VR46 offices and staff, in his hometown of Tavullia, and the training of young riders at the VR46 Ranch. Staff: Valentino first believes that the merchandising is the link between the sportsman and his fans. He gave us very […]

Doping Test video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor being tested by USADA, bringing his total to 14 times this past year. USADA Drug test Conor McGregor THIS IS THE MAC LIFEWatch this video on YouTube

McGregor appears on Diaz interview

During Diaz’s appearance on Conan, O’Brien shows him comments by McGregor. I just hope he’s not up on that stage wearing that stupid black t-shirt he’s never out of. The boy’s been wearing that same damn t-shirt for the last 20 years or something. I’m taking this contest very, very seriously. I’ve flown in specific body types to replicate […]

Ronaldo, McGregor meetup video

The Mac Life releases the video of Ronaldo’s meetup with McGregor, at his training camp in Las Vegas. The two athletes talk about training and their lives. McGregor: I’m working hard. I’m coming for revenge. McGregor also compares their standings on Forbes richest athletes list. Have you got a jet yet? I want a jet. […]

Aldo reveals McGregor taunt

Aldo reveals what he told McGregor after he beat Frankie Edgar in UFC 200. It was spontaneous. I knew he was there. When I was fighting, I saw him between rounds, I saw him there. So, when the fight was over, I only said ‘You’re next.’

Kavanagh: McGregor will win in four rounds

Kavanagh says that McGregor will score a fourth-round finish over Diaz in the Aug. 20 rematch. [Conor’s preparation has been] 100 times more serious this time around. [He] got tired early by throwing too many power shots. Coach: Conor McGregor wins Nate Diaz rematch in 4th Round at UFC 202Watch this video on YouTube

McGregor, Lopez photo

McGregor posts a photo with Lopez, wishing her a happy birthday. Happy birthday Miss Jennifer Lopez! What a woman! What a night! @jlo pic.twitter.com/WooxtubzK2 — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) July 25, 2016

Aldo trainer questions McGregor doping

Aldo’s trainer, Pederneiras, says his offer to pay for tests to be performed three times a week on Aldo and McGregor was rejected. Conor went two months and two days without being tested before the fight with Aldo, and I was asking, asking, and asking but nothing was done. [Both fighters were tested four times, but only in the […]

Dublin sparring video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor sparring at a gym in Dublin, and buying some watches. Conor McGregor THIS IS THE MAC LIFE- Dublin sparringWatch this video on YouTube

Aldo: McGregor MSG rematch ‘highly likely’

Aldo says that a win by McGregor in Las Vegas would prevent them from fighting each other at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden, but that expects Diaz to win.  If he loses (to Diaz), it’s highly likely that they put us to fight on November 12, at Madison Square Garden. The Irish community is big over […]

Birthday video

The Mac Life releases a video showing McGregor’s birthday celebrations at Intrigue Nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas, including McGregor entering the club, on the stage by the DJ, carrying Ireland’s tricolor over his shoulder, and posing for selfies with his fans. Conor McGregor – THIS IS THE MAC LIFE PARTY AT THE WYNNWatch this video on YouTube

Comments on Mendes drug test

McGregor comments on Mendes’ failed drug test and subsequent suspension. I wonder was he on that stuff when we fought. One thing I know for sure tho, you can’t put steroids on your chin.

Telemetry confirms bike swap legal

Marquez’s pitstop during the German Grand Prix is ruled legal after IRTA examines the telemetry of the Spanish rider’s bike. Holding the clutch is not illegal, but from the German Grand Prix onwards due to safety reasons it is not legal to have a gear engaged. A closer look at the video posted on social media makes it clear […]

Austria MotoGP Test

Rossi improves from ninth to fifth on the final day of MotoGP testing at the Red Bull Ring, in Austria. The race will take place August 12-14. I raced here in ’96-’97 – a lifetime ago! – but the track was the same and it’s a great feeling [to be back]…It is a particular type of […]

Supports pit-to-bike radio

After his poor results in Assen and Germany, Rossi says he supports pit-to-bike radio communication. It’s not Formula One, but for sure now if we can have direct communication with the pit box it can be a lot more easy. Sometimes with the pit board it is difficult, for example if you take Assen, if they […]

The Mac Life Birthday video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor celebrating his birthday with Devlin in Las Vegas, by taking the head of a piñata, blowing out birthday candles, training with his team, and working out. Conor McGregor THIS IS THE MAC LIFE Birthday EditionWatch this video on YouTube

Retires Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy plays guitar for the last time at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, at the last concert of The Aladdin Sane Tour comprising 60 shows in North America, Japan and the U.K. Bowie is tired of the character and he’s been touring and promoting his albums for nearly a year without a break. Only his manager Tony DeFries, […]

Kavanagh: McGregor will beat Aldo again

Despite his admiration for Aldo’s performance, Kavanagh says he does not expect a different outcome when Aldo meets McGregor, most likely in November. He also expresses his regret at the fact that Edgar was unable to get the job done against Aldo. Probably I had a little personal vision or dream of it being Edgar going in […]

Kavanagh expects decisive McGregor win, no Diaz rematch

Kavanagh says that he expects McGregor to win against Diaz so comprehensively that another rematch won’t be required. I want this win to be in such a way that there are no questions. If this is a back-and-forth contest, if Conor ekes out a decision, then it has to be [a rubber match]. Nate obviously did fantastic in their first […]

Sparring Day video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor’s training with Kavanagh at camp in Las Vegas. McGregor starts the day with a sparring session, before moving on to a more cardiovascular concentrated workout. Conor McGregor: THIS IS THE MAC LIFE DOING THE WORKWatch this video on YouTube

Kahn wants McGregor MMA fight

Khan says Mayweather would most likely not take a fight with McGregor. I don’t think Mayweather would ever take it. When Mayweather knows he’s in a real fight, he just backs out of it. It was good hype while it lasted but I knew it was never going to happen. If it did happen, it would be the biggest […]

Cruz wants fight against Aldo or McGregor

Cruz says his fans want him to fight Aldo or McGregor. Aldo looked better than I’ve ever seen him look, in any of his fights, this last time against Edgar. That is a challenge and that’s what I’m here for…The people that I want to fight are because fans are interested in it. I know they are. […]

Anytime. Any Weight. Anytime trailer

UFC releases a trailer for McGregor-Diaz UFC 202. It goes DOWN on Aug. 20 … AGAIN!! @NateDiaz209 vs @TheNotoriousMMA 2 – Any time. Any weight. Any where. https://t.co/hvGul6E1Fu — UFC (@ufc) July 18, 2016

The Mac Life Venice Beach video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor and Devlin in Venice Beach riding Segways. Conor McGregor: THIS IS THE MAC LIFE VENICE BEACHWatch this video on YouTube

Wins German GP

Marquez wins the German GP, with a 20 second lead over Cal Crutchlow in second place. After a poor start, Marquez settles in 7th place. As the track dries out, on Lap 17 he is the first rider to change types to slicks, giving him the advantage over the rest of the field, who delay changing […]

German GP: 8th place

Rossi comes eighth in the German GP at Sachsenring. Rossi took second place early in the race, dropping to third until he retakes second behind Andrea Dovizioso, when race leader Danilo Petrucci crashed out. As the track dries out, Rossi delays his tyre change on lap 23 of 30, resulting in a drop in places to eighth. […]

German GP: Pole position

Marquez takes pole position on the grid for the German GP, leading Hector Barbera and Valentino Rossi. I’m happy to have set the fastest time today, because we’re better here than at other circuits. I have a fairly good pace and am riding comfortably. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, because the weather forecast is for conditions to be […]

Third place on grid

Rossi takes third place on the grid for the German GP, behind Marc Marquez in pole and Hector Barbera in second place. I’m very lucky to remain in the front row because unfortunately I wasn’t able to improve with the second tyre because I was stuck in traffic. Usually one or two people improve with the second […]

‘All the Yamahas are struggling’

Rossi begins the German MotoGP weekend in 14th place after Friday practice. Unexpectedly cold conditions seemed to hit all of the Yamaha riders, with his team-mate Jorge Lorenzo down in 16th after being one of five riders to fall at Turn 11. Rossi: It was a difficult day because the weather was very bad. This made […]

UFC 200 Behind the Scenes

The Mac Life releases a video where McGregor meets Timberlake and UFC fighters. THIS IS THE MAC LIFE UFC 200 #TheMacLifeWatch this video on YouTube

GoPro sponsorship

GoPro announces that it will sponsor Rossi. Fans will be able to witness never-before-seen content of Vale’s life outside of MotoGP. Rossi will don the GoPro logo for the first time at the GoPro Grand Prix of Deutschland. GoPro: It’s an honor to welcome Valentino to the GoPro family. He is a racing icon and […]

Marquez: Rossi not far enough behind

Marquez says that Rossi is still a factor in the Championship. Jorge is at the moment the strongest one, because he is the closest one in the championship. He is second and will be really strong in the second half of the season, so we need to take care about him. But also not forget Valentino, [the gap’s] […]

‘I Really Want To Get Back On Track’

Rossi says he is confident of success at the German GP. I really want to get back on track. Over these last few days I‘ve rested at home, but now I want to leave for the race at Sachsenring. In Assen we worked well throughout the weekend and we were really fast, both in wet […]

Sonnen: McGregor wants losing excuse

Sonnen says McGregor’s decision to fight Diaz before returning to the 145 class, could be because he wants to have an excuse for losing. Jon [Jones] said, ‘every fight I have, I go party the week of so that I can lose. And when I lose I can always say, ‘well yeah, but I didn’t it […]

Kavanagh: McGregor undergoing ‘military style’ training

Coach Kavanagh says McGregor is reaching new levels of training in Las Vegas. If I was to sum it up, there’s order to this training camp. There’s no chaos. Everything is very disciplined, very military style. Beforehand, it was kind of done on Conor’s whim, how he felt on a certain day. This training camp has been […]

Moves training camp to Las Vegas

McGregor moves Las Vegas, to train in preparation for UFC 202 against Nate Diaz. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma)

Wins ‘Best Fighter’ ESPY

McGregor wins the ‘Best Fighter’ award at the ESPYs, beating welterweight champ Robbie Lawler, and boxers Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez and Roman Gonzalez. He loses the ‘Best Breakthrough Athlete’ award to Chicago Cubs ace pitcher Jake Arrieta.

Space Oddity

Bowie writes what will become his first hit after watching the 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey several times, stoned. It reaches #5 in the UK single charts. It is released to coincide with the Apollo 11 moon landing and the BBC uses it as the background music for their moon landing programs. The session […]

The Mac Life BSN shoot

McGregor appears in a video showing in an early morning positional sparring session, before heading off to a Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition(BSN) shoot in the afternoon. THIS IS THE MAC LIFE BSN SHOOTWatch this video on YouTube

‘We’ve learned from the past’

Marquez comments on his progress ahead of the German GP. We’re going to the German GP aiming for a podium position and of course possibly to fight for the win. The Sachsenring is normally a very good track for me that I like very much, maybe because it has so many left-hand corners, a bit like […]

Rossi: Michelin ‘behind schedule’ with wet tyres

Rossi says the high number of crashes in rainy conditions in MotoGP this year will be reduced once Michelin can develop its wet-weather tyres. With the wet tyres, Michelin right now is where it was with the slicks back in March. After that they worked and improved a lot on the front tyre. With the wet tyres they are behind […]