Fighting ‘good for society’s health’

In a clip from the documentary The Hurt Business: A Deeper Look at MMA, Rousey says more Mixed Martial Arts would mean less violence in the world. [MMA] really is the most responsible outlet for (aggression). It’s a human instinct to fight. If you try to suppress it entirely, and put everyone in a bubble-wrapped society, that’s when people start […]

British GP ‘uncertain’

Rossi talks about the upcoming British GP at Silverstone, I have very nice recent memories of Silverstone. Last year I won a really incredible race in very difficult conditions. I hope that this year there will be nice weather, but from the climatic point of view the English race is very uncertain. I like Silverstone a […]

Diaz: Immediate McGregor rematch unlikely

Speaking to Sonnen on his podcast, Diaz says he doesn’t expect an immediate rematch. I don’t know [what’s going on behind the scenes]. Remember last time they rushed to his house the next morning and said he was all obsessed or whatever? I was pretty crazy about it for a couple of days, but it’s whatever […]

Overeem: McGregor, Mayweather lying about pay

Overeem says both Mayweather and McGregor say they’re making as much as they say they are. My answer to that, to Mayweather and to Conor, let me see some bank statements. You can talk, you can say it, you can put it out there in tweets, but let me see a bank statement that says UFC wired […]

Henry disses Kavanagh

In reply to a screenshot of an article where Kavanagh said he’d prefer for McGregor to go to 155lb and fight Alvarez for the lightweight championship, and in addition predicted a second round knockout, Henry says: John Kavanagh, for a jiu-jitsu coach who can’t event teach his student Conor McGregor how to tie his belt and […]

British GP interview

Rossi talks about the British GP at Silverstone. Silverstone is a great track. Very difficult, very long, but full of history. Last year was not so bad. For sure there will be harder, maybe difficult conditions, maybe cold, maybe rain, so we have to be ready for all aspects. Rossi & Lorenzo on the British GPWatch […]

Wants to buy $2m watch

McGregor says he wants to buy a $2 million Richard Milles watch to add to his collection. Mille’s RM 056 costs $1.65 million, while the RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire is  $2 million. I have a nice collection now. I have some Audemars. I have some Hublots. I have some Rolexes. I’ve been looking at Richard Milles. They’re […]

Escobar T-shirt selfie

McGregor tweets a selfie wearing a T-shirt that has a mugshot of Escobar on it. Twins Twins — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) August 31, 2016

Schaub: McGregor should fight Mayweather next

Schaub says that McGregor should fight Mayweather next. I don’t know if he’s favourite in any of those fights beside the Aldo one. I’ll tell you what to do and what he’s gonna do; you fight Floyd Mayweather for $30m, and you keep the UFC on ice because you’re the biggest star. From what I […]

Rogan: McGregor should fight Nick Diaz

Rogan says McGregor should fight Nick Diaz next [Welterweight’s] where the money is. It would be amazing. Nick’s on a totally different level [of smack talking]. Nate’s a great fighter and a really tough guy, but even he said after the fight: ‘Shoutout to my brother – the best fighter in the world’. It would […]

Back To Training video

The Mac Life releases a video of McGregor cardio training with his doctor, two days after his fight with Diaz. When the session ends, McGregor leaves with the aid of a single crutch. Conor McGregor back training 2 days after UFC 202 #TheMacLifeWatch this video on YouTube

White: McGregor won’t be stripped of title

White says that McGregor will not be stripped of his 145-pound belt. He’s not gonna get stripped. He’s gonna make a decision. He knows that the Nate Diaz fight isn’t the fight to make right now. He has to either defend his title or give it up and decide what he wants to do next. He […]

Killed by miners

Deputy Interior Minister Illanes is beaten to death after he was kidnapped by striking mineworkers, who had blocked a major highway near Panduro, around 160 km (100 miles) from capital city La Paz. Officials said he died of blows to the head. Illanes’ assistant was also badly beaten and is in intensive care in a hospital in La Paz. President Morales […]

Discovery announced

Scientists at European Southern Observatory announce the discovery of Proxima b, a planet that appears to be similar to Earth, circling Proxima Centauri, a dwarf star four light years from Earth. The relative proximity of the planet gives scientists a better chance to eventually capture an image of it, to help them establish whether it has an atmosphere […]

Highest paid actor

Johnson tops Forbes magazine list of the world’s highest paid actors, with an estimated 2016 payday of $64.5 million. He knocks Robert Downey Jr. off the top spot and more than doubles his earnings, largely thanks to his action comedy Central Intelligence. Johnson also collected advance fees from the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious racing movie franchise.

Dos Anjos: ‘I just saw two sloppy guys’

Dos Anjos says the UFC 202 fight with McGregor and Diaz was ‘sloppy’. He also rates the fight as a win for Diaz. Most of the people [celebrating the fight] watched MMA for the first time that day. I just saw two sloppy guys after the second round. The fight got so sloppy. I didn’t see the […]

Crashes fan’s apartment

While driving around Las Vegas McGregor spots a cardboard cutout of himself on a fan’s balcony, and decides to pay a surprise visit. I’m here on the West Coast. Like most fights I usually come out here two, three weeks before. But every time I come back it seems to be a little bit  more crazy […]

Disabled fan’s ‘miracle’

Graham Merrigan, an Irish McGregor fan, recounts watching him fight. The last fight with Aldo, I was in my friends house. I was in shock that it ended in 13 seconds. I nearly tried to stand up. My friend stood up and I used my friend’s shoulder and I was like, ‘Oh they don’t work’. […]

McGregor beats Doherty in four seconds

McGregor beats Doherty at Immortal Fighting Championship 4, in Letterkenny, Ireland, with a knockout in four seconds. Conor McGregor vs Paddy Doherty at Immortal FC 4Watch this video on YouTube

Automates trending news

Facebook changes its trending news feature to an automated solution, which the company says will eliminate bias caused by human curation. Our goal is to enable Trending for as many people as possible, which would be hard to do if we relied solely on summarizing topics by hand. A more algorithmically driven process allows us to scale […]

Iranian refugee wins cartooning award

An Iranian refugee held at an Australia’s Manus camp in Papua New Guinea wins a political cartooning award from CRNI for his work depicting life inside the camp. Ali, whose pen name is Eaten Fish, has chronicled his three-year detention on Manus Island as he struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and debilitating panic […]

Orders 8-10 custom suits each media tour

McGregor’s stylist says he orders 8 to 10 custom outfits every single time he goes out on a media tour, with each suit costing from $4,000 to $10,000. From the suits down to the bow ties to the cuff links, he’s wearing David August. Every outfit I make for him takes 60 hours. He likes to wear […]

White: Rousey will eclipse McGregor

White says Rousey’s return will topple all UFC pay-per-view records set by McGregor, including his UFC 196 fight with Nate Diaz that raked in 1.5 million PPV buys and an estimated million-plus buys estimated for UFC 202. I think that Ronda Rousey’s return will be the biggest pay-per-view we’ve ever done…If you had told me 15 years ago […]

Bisping: ‘I inspire McGregor’

Bisping says McGregor would not be the star he is today without his influence. No, why would Conor McGregor motivate me? I motivate Conor McGregor. When Conor McGregor was learning to stand to throw his first punch, I was kicking ass in the UFC. I’ve been at this a lot longer, so I motivate Conor McGregor. […]

Kavanagh wants Alvarez fight next

Kavanagh writes an article for The 42, where he talks about UFC 200 and what he would like McGregor to do next. A lot of Conor’s fights have been short and relatively straightforward — which is great, because those wins are also to be enjoyed — but to see him go 25 minutes and face […]

Cowherd: UFC 202 was a ‘nail in the coffin’ of boxing

Cowheard says that UFC is killing boxing. [UFC 202] was basically, metaphorically, a nail in the coffin of boxing. And all these boxing fans were lining up saying, ‘You don’t get it! You don’t get it!’…UFC is talked about all the time…There are certain people who are purists. Newspapers and boxing still can still make money, […]

Man’s Work: Conor McGregor UFC 202 Redemption

The Mac Life releases the final behind-the-scenes video in the series. McGregor watches teammate Artem Lobov’s victory at the Mac Mansion; receives his pre-fight instructions from referee John McCarthy; his walk-out before the bout; and the celebrations soon after. McGregor thanks his fans on Facebook. Finally I want to thank the fans and all the supporters […]

WhatsApp, Facebook to share data

Facebook announces that WhatsApp will start sharing users phone numbers with Facebook. The company says the change will allow for more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations. It is WhatsApp’s first update to its privacy policy since it was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp will also explore ways for businesses to send messages using its platform over the next several months.

Russia backs Aleppo UN truce

Russia agrees to a UN-backed 48-hour humanitarian ceasefire in the divided Syrian city of Aleppo to allow aid deliveries, but security guarantees are awaited from other parties on the ground. UN spokesperson: We have…agreement now from the Russian Federation for the 48-hour pause, we’re waiting (for) it from the other actors on the ground. That has taken […]

One killed

A suspected gas explosion at a sports center in the southern Belgian town of Chimay kills one person and wounds four others, two of them seriously. Part of the building is destroyed.

Submarine data leak

Australian media reports DCNS is hit by a massive leak of secret data on its submarines. 22,400 leaked pages detail the combat capability of the Scorpene-class DCNS submarine designed for the Indian navy, variants of which are used by Malaysia and Chile. DCNS says it has launched an inquiry: This inquiry will determine the precise nature of […]

Wraps up summer trip

President Obama wraps up his final summer getaway to Martha’s Vineyard Sunday. He spends the morning on a final round of vacation golf before rolling out in his motorcade with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia.

World´s largest´ pearl emerges 

A poor Philippine fisherman reveals what is thought to be the world’s largest pearl. The man found the 34 kg pearl inside a giant clam that was snagged by his anchor as he waited out a storm at sea, but hid it under his bed for a decade without knowing its worth. A fire at his home forced him […]

Kavanagh: McGregor should fight Alvarez next

Kavanagh says he would like to see McGregor challenge Alvarez for the lightweight title. 1 – dont know whats next. decision made over the next 2 weeks i'd imagine. personally i'd like 55 title….but we'll see what happens. — Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) August 24, 2016 2 – leg is fine. in theory could be ready for NY […]

Will sell refurbished smartphones

Samsung plans to launch a program to sell refurbished used versions of its premium smartphones as early as next year. The company will refurbish high-end phones returned to the company by users who signed up for one-year upgrade program in markets such as South Korea and the United States.

Video: White tells McGregor to go to hospital

McGregor’s boxing coach releases video of McGregor from inside the SBG changing room, including McGregor’s walk out, his corner discussing the score before the official announcement, and McCarthy having an in-depth discussion with the featherweight champion moments before the fight. When White enters the dressing room after the fight and tells McGregor that ‘he’s gotta go to the […]

‘You’re an absolute warrior’

UFC releases a video of the words McGregor and Diaz exchanged as they embraced after the fight. McGregor to Diaz: Great fight brother. Great f–king fight. You’re an absolute warrior. You’re an absolute warrior man.

France sued over Titanic artefacts

Premier Exhibitions sues the French government, in a Florida federal bankruptcy court, to be allowed to sell some of thousands of artifacts salvaged from the Titanic. The company filed the suit to press the French government to clarify it has no interest in the artifacts that would prevent their sale. A declaration of rights is both necessary and appropriate […]

Myanmar 6.8 quake

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hits Myanmar  just south of the ancient city of Bagan, a major tourist destination. The quake, which struck at a depth of 84 kilometres, swayed high-rise buildings in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

US soldier killed in Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Matthew V. Thompson, 28, of Irvine, California, is killed during an anti-Taliban operation near Lashkar Gah, the capital of the southern Afghan province of Helmand. The Army Green Beret was on a foot patrol with other American troops advising Afghan special operations forces where the Taliban have engaged in heavy combat. Thompson is killed by a bomb blast […]

One dead in car bomb

A large car bomb explodes outside a hotel in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued southern region, killing one and wounding more than 30 people, some of them critically. Police commander: So far there is one killed and more than 30 injured. The hotel building was considerably damaged

Italy quake kills at least 38

A strong earthquake in mountainous central Italy kills at least 38 people. The quake causes serious damage to a number of towns and villages, but did not seem to have hit heavily populated areas.

Diaz: ‘I’m coming for you’

Diaz says he wants to fight McGregor again. By this time last fight I had already accepted (the) rematch. Rest up, I’m coming for you. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nate Diaz (@natediaz209)

Wants to race new chassis, swingarm

Rossi says he wants to race with a new Yamaha chassis and swingarm following 60 test laps (equivalent to four race lengths) at Brno. In the end it was a good day. This morning everybody was a little bit sad because the condition of the track look quite bad. And when I entered the track – we decided to […]

Listed on injury suspension list

McGregor is listed on the Nevada State Athletic Commissions injury suspension list with a “foot/ankle fracture” and must be cleared by an orthopedic doctor in order to fight again before Feb. 17, 2017, which seems likely. He will serve a minimum suspension of two months with the earliest he can return being Oct. 20, even if […]

World´s largest indoor theme park to open

IMG will open the world’s largest indoor theme park in Dubai this month. IMG Worlds of Adventure‘s boxy exterior belies a 140,000-square meter air-conditioned interior teeming with animatronic dinosaurs, roller coasters, Marvel superheroes and Cartoon Network characters.