Kanye ‘stressed out’ over making new music

An insider tells HollywoodLife.com that West is stressed about his return to the world after his November 2016 meltdown. Kanye is stressed over new music and how he is going to make his return to the rap and pop culture world…He has obviously stayed lowkey since his meltdown. But now he’s stressed on what to do to […]

White cusses out ‘Two-faced’ De La Hoya

White expands on his earlier post questioning Oscar De La Hoya’s motivations. I’m saying ‘What the f-ck, Oscar?’ Listen Oscar De La Hoya and I have had a good relationship through time. I’ve been supportive of every event that he does. Bob Arum and I don’t get along. If Bob Arum and I had the two […]

Aldo coach: Aldo wants to fight, even box, McGregor

Pederneiras, Also’s coach says that Aldo will fight McGregor in MMA or in boxing. It was just difficult because after his fight with Frankie {Edgar], he wanted Conor. But Conor wouldn’t accept the fight, and after that, Aldo started to think about retirement…[Jose] wants to be a world champion in boxing. He thinks he can […]

Holloway: McGregor not the champion any more

Holloways says McGregor’s time as UFC champion has passed. Conor was the 2015 champion. We’re in the year 2017. It’s about defending your whatever. Conor’s just not that guy. That’s why the fans love him. He’s always looking for the bigger and better picture, and always looking over the fence…We’ll see what happens [between Mayweather […]

Ferguson to Kavanagh: ‘Maintain your lane bitch’

Kavanagh joins criticism of Ferguson for not accepting a short notice fight with Michael Johnson after Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out of UFC 209, if a late notice change of opponent puts you off then MMA will be a difficult sport for you considering how common it is. Tennis perhaps? — Coach Kavanagh (@John_Kavanagh) May 30, […]

Kim K: Kanye, Not Monica Rose, responsible for style transformation

On Watch What Happens Live!, Cohen asks Kim K about her relationship with celebrity stylist Monica Rose: The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan used a stylist named Monica rose. You all recently unfollowed her on social media and are no longer associated with her. Can you give us the real reason that she is no longer in your […]

‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ originally called ‘Donda’s Boy’

Rory Farrell, who co-hosts The Joe Budden Podcast along with Budden himself, says that MBDTF was originally called titled Donda’s Boy. Donda was Kanye’s late mother who died as a result of complications from surgery in the fall of 2007. Farrell, who was interning for Def Jam at the time, says he learned of the project’s original title […]

Report: West working on album with Rubin

West is recording a new album with Rubin, the founder of Def Jam records. West is also collaborating with Pusha T on the album, which will be the follow-up to Kanye’s 2016 LP The Life of Pablo. West recently went off the grid, deleting his Twitter and other social media accounts.

McGregor 25th in ESPN’s Most Famous Athletes list

McGregor is listed as 25th in ESPN’s Most Famous Athletes list, 12 spots up from the same list last year. The list is tallied by combining endorsements, social media following and internet search popularity. Floyd Mayweather is not listed. The only other Irishman is golfer Rory McIlroy, at 14th place. ESPN: Described as looking ‘exactly like the […]

McGregor stays at pub landlord’s house after big night out in Skerries

On a visit to the coastal town of Skerries in Co Dublin McGregor is mobbed by fans in a local pub. Landlord Ollie Grimes says Gregor found out about Ollie’s Place through an MMA connection: head chef Stephen Kavanagh is the brother of MMA womens’ champion Sinead Kavanagh. I just got a call from Conor asking if […]

Arum: Pacquiao ‘is there’ to fight McGregor if Mayweather fight falls through

Arum, Pacquiao’s manager, says that McGregor can fight his client if Mayweather negotiations break down, although he thinks a fight will happen is Dana White is persistent. If McGregor is still looking for an opponent, Manny Pacquiao is there…[As for the Mayweather negotiations] Be patient, don’t give in. Dana’s a good negotiator, and he’ll get the […]

Farrell: I ‘should check in’ on Conor McGregor’s baby

When asked if the Irish are treating McGregor’s baby like the messiah, Farrell says: I don’t know man, I haven’t checked in…there’s a point to what you’re saying. I should check in. When asked if the baby will become the Irish Prime Minister: We don’t have a Prime Minister, man… You Americans and your lack […]

Watch The Throne promo

Youssef Hannoun releases a fan promo for the upcoming McGregor-Mayweather fight. I’ve been listening to them laugh my whole career. I’ve got this situation where people are truly doubting me. Like they doubted me at the very, very beginning. Mayweather vs McGregor – 'Watch The Throne' PromoWatch this video on YouTube

MMA fighter gets slapped by mother after losing bout

During at Fight Nights Global 67, Kichigin, the 22-year-old ‘Lion of Pyatigorsk’, gets mounted by Ruslan Yamanbaev and is subjected to a barrage of strikes that eventually drew an intervention from the referee. During the fight his mother, who is also his trainer, shouts from the sidelines. Once her son is beaten she jumps into the […]

McGregor’s top 10 press conference moments

A compilation of McGregor’s top ten press conference moments is released including his water bottle fight with Nate Diaz, and his response to Jeremy Stephens. Who the f-ck is that guy! Conor McGregor Top 10 Press Conference MomentsWatch this video on YouTube

Mayweather: McGregor a ‘tough competitor’

Mayweather says McGregor will not be a pushover. Once I get back to Las Vegas, to my hub, we’ll find out how everything plays out. I’ll communicate with Al [Haymon], I’ll communicate with Leonard Ellerbe, we’ll sit down and see what we can come up with and hopefully the McGregor fight can be made. We didn’t […]

Showtime exec: McGregor-Mayweather goal is ‘early fall’

A showtime executive says that while they would be willing to wait until next year if they had to, Mayweather and Showtime are targeting an early fall date for the proposed superfight. I think the date really is a function of how long it takes to get a deal done because the reality is, it […]

Foxx: I doubted West on Slow Jamz

Foxx says he was convinced Slow Jamz, his 2003 Kanye West and Twista collaboration, would bomb. Foxx was attempting to relaunch his singing career by throwing house parties in LA when he first met Kanye, then an up-and-coming rapper who had just survived a car crash. I would throw parties just so I could get into […]

West fills house with flowers to celebrate third wedding anniversary

Kim Kardashian sends a Snapchat showing dozens of floating white rose bouquets sent by West to celebrate their anniversary. I mean how cute that I did to come home and see these gorgeous floating flowers. Happy anniversary! View this post on Instagram A post shared by B O M B B E L L A S (@bombbellas)

Beats by Dre announces McGregor sponsorship

Beats By Dre announces a sponsorship deal with McGregor on Twitter. Humble beginnings. Dangerous intentions. Welcome to the Beats Fam, Champ @TheNotoriousMMA. #BEHEARD pic.twitter.com/7gvbbeLdr1 — Beats By Dre (@beatsbydre) May 26, 2017

Efron: Madonna is a UFC fan

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Efron says he is a huge UFC fan, and of McGregor. He found himself sitting next to Madonna at the McGregor-Alvarez fight. She was calling out things about the fight [and] having the time of her life out there. Something Happened Between Zac Efron & MadonnaWatch this video on YouTube

Conlan: McGregor ‘definitely has boxing skill’

Conlan says McGregor has boxing skills. I’ve never sparred him but I did train with him. I’ve seen him work on the bags, I’ve seen him work on his pad work and, you know, how he moves in the ring. And you know, I was impressed. I was impressed I’ll admit. You know, I’ve seen […]

Aldo: McGregor rematch ‘will never happen’

In advance of his June 3 fight with Max Holloway, Aldo says he doesn’t expect to get a second shot at McGregor. Everybody says things today that I don’t even understand why. Conor was good for one side, let’s say, because he brought more attention to the division and to myself. On another side, to […]

Holloway: ‘Conor McGregor should be proud’

Holloway says fans should take time to thank the UFC lightweight champion for all he’s done for the sport. Conor should be proud. He should be proud. Conor was the champ. He should hold his belt up high and proud. At the end of the day, he’s the 2015 champ…He talked about defending the [155-pound] belt more than […]

De La Hoya calls for McGregor-Mayweather boycott

In an open letter De La Hoya calls for a boycott of the proposed McGregor-Mayweather fight. To my fellow boxing fans, I write in the hopes that together we can protect the sport of boxing. With each passing day, it looks more and more likely that the circus known as Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor […]

Video highlights McGregor attitude change when friends become opponents

A video is released that shows McGregor’s attitude to fighters before and after he gets them as opponents. the video contrasts McGregor’s behaviour when talking about Cowboy Cerrone, Joe Duffy, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tyron Woodley, and Floyd Mayweather. I have no friends in this game. Conor McGregor Before And After Fighters Become OpponentsWatch this video on […]

How to grow a Facebook fan page

Newslines helps fan pages monetize their users. But how do you build up a fan page in the first place? There are three main options: Start from zero and grow the page by providing relevant content to your audience Depending on your topic and your content your page may grow quickly, or slowly.  For example, […]

Helwani: Neither McGregor or Mayweather have boxing licence

Helwani tweets that McGregor’s Nevada boxing licence has not been approved yet, and that Mayweather has still to apply for his. Mayweather, on the other hand, has yet to apply for his license. Also, the NAC tells me neither promoter has asked to secure a date. Yet. — Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) May 24, 2017

Garbrandt, Dillashaw fight called off

White says that the bantamweight title fight between Garbrandt and Dillashaw has been officially called off, due to a Garbrandt back injury. Dillashaw will be rebooked to a flyweight title fight against 10-time defending champion Demetrious Johnson in August. However, Johnson, has said that he’s not interested in such a fight. A newly announced interim middleweight title fight […]

White: McGregor sent angry text message after Ferguson refused to fight

White says that after Ferguson refused a catchweight fight against No.6 ranked lightweight Michael Johnson because it was not for a title and for a lower purse, he received a text from McGregor. You know this shit that went on with Tony Ferguson and Khabib, right? Conor text me and said, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to […]

Sutcliffe urges McGregor back to Crumlin for Mayweather prep

Two-time Olympian boxer Phil Sutcliffe says he would welcome McGregor back to Crumlin Boxing Club to prepare for his proposed boxing bout with Mayweather. McGregor won novice boxing titles under Sutcliffe and the Crumlin Boxing Club banner as a teenager. It makes money sense. In boxing sense, it doesn’t make any sense. But anything can happen in […]

White: Mayweather fight could be McGregor’s last

During an interview with Snoop Dogg, White says that McGregor may not come back to MMA after fighting Mayweather. Conor could make $75 million (£57.5 million) [but] how do you come back [to UFC] and fight [for] $10 million (£7.6 million)? You have to be hungry and you may not be hungry with $75 million in […]

Frampton to fight in Ireland on July 29

Delivering a promise made to his fans to fight in Ireland, Frampton says he will fight at Windsor Park on July 29th. No announcement of his opponent has been made. A third fight against Leo Santa Cruz seems unlikely, due to the Mexican’s unwillingness to travel. Lee Selby has also been rumoured, but his team say there […]

McGregor and Mayweather face off in wood

James O’Neal displays his latest creation, a wooden sculpture of Mayweather, alongside his previous sculptures of McGregor and Muhammad Ali, at an Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony. O’Neal says his next project will be Cris Cyborg.

Ringside audio of Kavanagh coaching McGregor during second Diaz fight

A recording is released of Kavanagh giving advice to McGregor during the second Nate Diaz fight. Everything is working the way we said it would. Don’t change anything. Stay with the leg kicks. Don’t push anything. We’ve got four rounds to go. Unaired full John Kavanagh advice to Conor McGregor on Nate Diaz 2 fightWatch this video […]

Tyson: McGregor not skilled enough to beat Mayweather

Tyson says that Mayweather will beat McGregor in boxing. No, it doesn’t give boxing a bad name. This is interesting. It only gives boxing a bad name because Conor is not skilled enough to box with Floyd. If he fought UFC in this and Floyd boxed, then that would be more exciting. Then, we would see […]

Price wins after double knockout floors him and Lecat

During Dorian’s bout against Lecat at Max Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya, Thailand, both fighters land flush blows on each other at the same time, resulting in a double KO that knocks each man to the canvas. Price is the less hurt of the two and manages to rise from the canvas before the 10-count, winning […]

Mayweather: I look forward to signing the McGregor deal

Mayweather says he is looking forward to signing a superfight deal with McGregor. If me and Conor McGregor do happen to make the fight happen, which I think the fight will happen…I had a great career, and my career may not be over. Number 50 may be against Conor McGregor, we’ll just wait and see…if […]

Jeff Mayweather: Floyd already training for McGregor fight

According to Mayweather’s uncle Jeff, the boxer is already working behind the scenes towards the McGregor showdown. He has come in, he trained once, he must be preparing for the McGregor fight because he worked out with an MMA guy. Everybody was telling me that it was a UFC fighter. Floyd told me they did five […]

Joshua tells Mayweather to put him on the McGregor undercard

While talking about Mayweather’s upcoming fight with McGregor, Joshua jokes that he wants to be on the undercard. Get me on the undercard. ANTHONY JOSHUA TELLS FLOYD MAYWEATHER – 'GET ME ON THE UNDERCARD OF THE CONOR McGREGOR FIGHT'Watch this video on YouTube

The McGregor Show

A fan video is released of McGregor singing to Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind. Just a lad from Crumlin, who knocked out every other sucker. Now I’m here on Broadway to slap the head off some poor f-cker. The McGregor Show – New York (UFC 205)Watch this video on YouTube

Conor McGregor Transformation video

A video is released showing McGregor’s physical transformation as he becomes the world’s leading MMA fighter. This is how Conor McGregor has transformed over timeWatch this video on YouTube

Henry: ‘McGregor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever’

Henry, who coaches Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edgar, praises McGregor’s boxing skills. Look, if I was Conor, I would definitely pursue the boxing, because he can make more in one fight than in 10 or 11 with the UFC. But, while he’s doing it, they should definitely make another 155-pound belt, because it would be ridiculous […]

Dirrell’s uncle hits Uzcategui in revenge for after-bell punch

Dirrell’s uncle Leon Lawson, who is part of his coaching team, lands a left-hook on Uzcategui out of revenge for the Venezuelan hitting his nephew after the bell in the eighth round of a bout at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland. While Uzcategui is disqualified for his late punch, Lawson is being sought by Maryland […]