The CityLife Awards: Best Breakthrough Act

The band win the Best Breakthrough Act award at the 2018 City Life Awards, hosted at the The Deaf Institute, Manchester. Over 14,000 votes were collected. The band play a short acoustic set at the venue. Just won Best Breakthrough Act at @CityLifeManc Awards. Massive thanks to all the fans that voted for us ❤️ […]

Fred Perry playlist

In an interview with Fred Perry Subculture, the Slow Readers Club talk about their favourite music, and share a playlist. A British icon or band who inspire your sound?  James: We always get asked this and it’s really hard to answer because as a band we listen to all sorts of stuff… Some better than others. […]

Carter: Unreleased Prince music ‘coming soon’

Carter, in his role as Prince’s estate advisor, says unreleased material will be released ‘soon,’ but does not give details as to when, or which label might release the songs. He was a guy who practically lived in a recording studio, and once we started going through [the unreleased material] we really started finding some […]

Flies to Ibiza with black eye

McGregor posts an image with his son on a private jet, flying to Ibiza. He has a bruise under his left eye. We are having lunch on the jet on our way to Ibiza, and he is still after the watch too. My young son is like his father. A ruthless animal. We are having lunch on the […]

White: McGregor will face Ferguson or Nurmagomedov, not Diaz

White says McGreogr will not fight Diaz for his comeback fight, and that he will likely fight Ferguson or Nurmagomedov. I think people would rather see Conor come back and either fight Tony [Ferguson] or Khabib [Nurmagomedov]. Whoever wins – and the Nate Diaz fight isn’t going anywhere. We can do that thing any time.

Mayweather shows off $100 million McGregor fight check

Mayweather posts a picture of an uncashed $100 million check that he received in August 2017 as part of his payment for fighting McGregor. It’s proven I’ve got the Midas touch. Some say there’s a difference between being smart and intelligent. Everyone knows that common sense isn’t so common, but when it comes to being […]

Ferguson: McGregor turned down fight

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Ferguson says McGregor turned down a fight with him before he was offered his upcoming UFC 223 showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov. As far as what they told me in the contract, that’s what they were telling me. They were saying, ‘Look, you’re fighting for the undisputed title.’ That was after they told me I […]

Kavanagh: McGregor will be back in the UFC this year

During a Facebook live interview to promote Wimp 2 Warrior, Kavanagh says McGregor will return to UFC in 2018. There’s so much happening in the division and things changing around and what have you. I can’t say who [he’ll fight]. I can’t say when [he’ll be back]. As people who follow him on social media will […]

Nurmagomedov says he might deny McGregor a title shot

Nurmagomedov says if he wins against Ferguson at UFC 223, he may deny McGregor a shot at the lightweight title upon his long-awaited return to MMA. He says he is more interested in his legacy than his bank balance. I’m gonna make humble Conor. I’m gonna beat Tony and I’m gonna say to Conor, ‘Hey, you […]

White confident McGregor will return to UFC in 2018

White says he is confident that a lot of his top box office stars, including McGregor, will gear up for long-awaited returns to the Octagon this coming year, as well as Jones, Lesnar, St-Pierre and the Diaz brothers. I’m going to take the odds and say ‘yes’, that Conor will fight more than twice inside the […]

McGregor attends training in Tierney Celtic top

McGregor posts photos of himself training in Dublin, wearing a Celtic shirt with Tierney’s name, number and autograph on the back. Another photo is captioned: Working on the “Blitz” tonight at @sbgireland. An underrated technique until it goes through you at 100mile an hour. Shout out Celtic football club. GOAT? @TheNotoriousMMA — Kieran Tierney (@kierantierney1) […]

McGregor: I’ll quit fighting before I suffer any brain damage

McGregor insists he won’t take “stupid” risks and will quit fighting before he suffers any potential brain damage, as he looks to return to the UFC. I always look at the end from a damage-taken standpoint. How much damage have I taken? How is my brain? How is my mental health? How is my physical […]

McGregor ends year sick with Australian flu virus

McGregor reveals he ended the year sick in bed for two days after being struck down with the Australian flu virus. He was forced to cancel a New Year’s Eve party after contracting the illness, but took to social media to share a snap of himself in bed with Conor Junior. Well that was a wild […]

McGregor reignites Mayweather feud by calling him a “rat”

Following Mayweather’s posts of a series of pictures from their fight on Instagram earlier in the week, McGregor posts a picture of himself getting ready for a session in the gym, on Instagram, with the caption: Back at the gym floyds a rat [sic] Back at the gym floyds a rat. A post shared by […]

McGregor rents out amusement park for private event

McGregor rents out the Funderland amusement park in Dublin, Ireland for a private event for friends and family, including his son, girlfriend and training partner, Ciaran Maher. Great to meet this little man tonight. My training partner Ciaran Maher, his son and his wife. Ciaran's son was a patient in the cardiac department in Our […]

McGregor vs Branson face off

McGregor receives a lifetime achievement award at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin, from the annual business summit group that attracts rich corporate leaders from across Europe. When McGregor goes to the stage to be given the award by Branson, they both take off their shirts and face off. McGregor: He is not a knighted Sir […]

McGregor enters Ireland’s Rich List at 111

McGregor, estimated to be worth €140 million, enters Ireland’s Rich List at 111 and is the second highest new entrant. He was beat by a young tech entrepreneur, Tommy Kelly, who operates eShopworld, which makes cross border shopping easier.  Kelly is estimated to be worth around €150 million.

UFC may strip McGregor’s lightweight title

White warns McGregor he faces being stripped of his UFC lightweight title if he remains out of the octagon until September. Conor has said he’s thinking about coming back in September. If he comes back in September that’s almost two years, that can’t happen, it’s not fair to everybody else…I love Conor, I respect Conor, […]