China tour dates announced

The band announce two tour dates in China, one in Beijing and at The Strawberry Festival in Hangzhou. Aaron: The label we are signed to, Modern Sky, is Chinese. It’s odd one: we’re going on the Wednesday and coming back on Saturday night, and back to work on Monday. We thought Isle of Wight on […]

Fab Radio International interview

Aaron and Kurtis appear on the It’s Only Rock’N’Roll show on Fab Radio International. On their growing support: Kurtis: One thing you notice is audience sizes. Going from doing the smaller venues where the odd pockets of people knowing the words, and then getting to the stage where people are all singing it back and chanting ‘Readers’ […]

You Opened Up My Heart official video

The band release the official video for You Opened Up My Heart, directed by Croft. Aaron: The concept was a collaboration. We gave [Chris] some ideas of what we wanted visually: very graphic and high energy. He sent us a few examples of 3D projections. The cube felt a little bit ambitious for the budget. […]

Through The Shadows video

The band release a video for Through The Shadows, which is also released as a downloadable single with album pre-sales. The Slow Readers Club – Through The Shadows (Official Video)Watch this video on YouTube

Build A Tower album and tour announced

The band announces their third album, Build A Tower, will be released on May 4. They also announce a tour to promote the album, with dates in Cardiff, Southampton, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle, Hull, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Norwich, Northwich, London and Stoke.

Reyt Good Road Trip

Aaron and Jim are interviewed by Reyt Good Magazine, while being driven through Salford, Manchester. They talk about their early days, the support of the band by James, and the changes since they signed. We now have all the machinery established bands had. Before we were doing it all ourselves…we did our best to look […]

You Opened Up My Heart

The band release You Opened Up My Heart, from the album, Build A Tower. A lot of our songs are existential and angst-ridden but, in an age where we’re faced with stuff like Trump and Brexit, and people are becoming more polarised, it felt right to offer something with a more positive message. It’s an […]

Cena: McGregor promotes better than anyone else

Cena says professional wrestlers are the greatest salesmen (and women) in the world but the boxing match between McGregor and Mayweather may have been even better promoted. Cena says McGregor was so good at convincing combat sports fans to shell out $100 for his “Money” bout, that similar tactics in pro wrestling would put everyone else out of […]

UFC ranks McGregor vs. Diaz fights as top two fights in UFC history

To celebrate 25 years of existence, the UFC publishes a list of the top 25 fights in the promotion’s history. The McGregor vs. Diaz rivalry is awarded the top two spots. The first fight, which Diaz memorably won by submission is the runner-up to the dramatic five-round majority decision won by McGregor. #5 – Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard II (January […]

St-Pierre rejects McGregor ‘money fight’

St-Pierre has been linked with a mega-money fight against McGregor ever since he signed up for a new four-fight deal with the UFC in February 2017. Although St-Pierre says he is well aware of the huge payday a fight with McGregor would bring him, he says he is only interested in fights that will add […]

9th Circuit: Keys’ guilty verdict and sentence to stand

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals rules (ruling) that it was not persuaded by arguments made by Keys’ defense attorney, saying that the damage went beyond the mere alteration, as Keys created new accounts, and there was a fervent effort to contain the defacement. Court: Prior to Keys’s conduct, the CMS existed in a certain […]

Wants to return to journalism

In an interview with Ars Technica, Keys says there will be no further appeal, that he did not commit the crime for which he was convicted, and that he wants to return to journalism. I hope that I’m privileged enough to find work in journalism. I work hard, and I’m smart, but I do have […]

Buzzfeed interview

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Keys talks about his time in prison, where he spent his time refurbishing computers. The case was serious enough to convict me, only for me to wind up refurbishing computers so the government can make money. The irony is not lost on me…I always assumed that I would be on the […]

Released from prison

Keys is released from the Satellite Prison Camp Atwater, in Atwater, California, after serving out most of his two-year sentence. He is living in a halfway house for two months as one of the conditions of his release.