Tesco limits McGregor’s whiskey sales due to high demand

Tesco Ireland limits sales of McGregor’s newly-released Proper Twelve whiskey, to two bottles per customer per day. One bottle of the whiskey retails at €35.00, and is being sold exclusively by Tesco. One sign placed in Tesco’s said: “Due to popular demand unfortunately Proper 12 Whiskey is limited to 2 bottles per customer per day.” A spokeswoman for […]

Secretly donates €10,000 to help sick child

McGregor makes an anonymous €10,000 donation to help Irish boy, Bryan Buckley, 5, in his battle with sepsis. McGregor donated the money to Grainne McCullough for the care of her son Bryan, nicknamed Bru. Last September, Bru went into septic shock and was left on life support requiring dialysis, blood transfusions and platelets. Grainne set […]

McGregor’s promotion company posts six-figure loss

McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd’s new accounts – approved today by the company’s directors – show the company had accumulated losses of €354,708 at the end of December 2017, compared to accumulated profits of €116,215 the year before – a negative swing of €470,923. McGregor is listed as the sole shareholder in McGregor Sports and Entertainment […]

White: McGregor better at mental warfare than Muhammad Ali

The UFC 229 press conference for McGregor vs Nurmagomedov was McGregor’s first appearance in front of the press for some time. White says he is very impressed by McGregor’s verbal sparring skills: Conor McGregor is the master of mental warfare. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think he’s better than anybody, even […]

Signs new 6-fight deal with the UFC

White announces that McGregor has signed a new six-fight deal with the UFC. The deal will also position McGregor’s new liquor brand, Proper Whiskey, as a sponsor in every UFC event in which the latter competes. Terms were not disclosed, but White says the deal could make McGregor the most money in the sport, especially given […]

Manchester Food & Drink Festival acoustic set announcement

The band announces they will be performing their new EP in full on the City Life Manchester stage at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival on 4th Oct, Albert Square, 8pm. ACOUSTIC SHOW We will be performing our new EP in full on the @CityLifeManc stage at MF&D Fest on 4th Oct, Albert Square, 8pm […]

MCR Live interview

Aaron and Kurt are interviewed for MCR Live about their upcoming acoustic album, For All Here To Observe. Aaron: We’ve done a few radio sessions and acoustic stuff, as well as supporting James at Albert Hall at the end of last year. We figured we’d just get it recorded. Kurt: When we’ve done radio sessions before, me […]

McGregor vs Nurmagomedov UFC 229 press conference

McGregor and Nurmagomedov meet face-to-face at at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for the first press conference for their UFC 229 fight. With little under than three weeks to go, McGregor yelled at Nurmagomedov, who remained calm and quiet for the duration of the press conference. McGregor spent much of the press conference animated and threatening […]

Sell out Manchester Apollo

The band announces it has sold out all 3500 seats of Manchester’s Apollo theatre. 15th Sept 2016 – we announced we’d sold out @O2RitzManc 15th Sept 2017 – we announced we’d sold out @Alberthallmcr 15th Sept 2018 – We’ve just sold out @O2ApolloManc ! We can’t explain how much this means to us, but I’m […]

For All Here To Observe

The band releases an acoustic EP containing songs from their first three albums: Block Out The Sun, I Saw A Ghost, Forever In Your Debt, Supernatural, On The TV, and Lunatic. The album was produced by Phil Bullyment.

Supernatural (acoustic version)

As promotion for For All Here To Observe, their upcoming acoustic EP, the band releases a video of them recording Supernatural. The Slow Readers Club – Supernatural (acoustic)Watch this video on YouTube

SOUNDS TV interview

The band appear on Sounds TV. SOUNDS TV Interview with The Slow Readers Club (Jan 2017)Watch this video on YouTube

On The TV (acoustic version)

The band releases an acoustic version of On The TV, from the acoustic EP, For All Here To Observe. The Slow Readers Club – On The TV (acoustic)Watch this video on YouTube

The Manc Meets interview

Aaron and James are interviewed by The Manc, for The Manc Meets interview series. On the Manchester scene: AS: It’s good. In the early days it was tough, because there’s a big shadow you have to operate under. But now, with bands like The Blossoms, Cabbage and ourselves, breaking through and doing decent sized shows, […]

McGregor unveils his ‘Proper Twelve’ Irish whiskey brand

McGregor announces the unveiling of his Proper Twelve whiskey brand via Instagram. He says he will donate up to $1 million per year of the proceeds of Proper Twelve at $5 per case to first responder organizations and charities. Proud day! Today ‘Project Notorious’ finally comes to life with the introduction of my new Irish Whiskey; Proper 12…Born […]

McGregor sued by Chiesa over New York bus attack

Chiesa sues McGregor for causing him physical and psychological harm when McGregor hurled a metal dolly at the window of a bus at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. Chiesa, who said he was pulled from UFC 223 after the incident, claims he has suffered financial damage as a result of the incident and it has affected his future […]

Forced to drop ‘Notorious’ whiskey brand

McGregor withdraws his application to register Notorious whiskey as a trademark. An Irish brewer, Seamus O’Hara, objected to McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd company’s application to trademark the Notorious whiskey brand. O’Hara’s successful attempt to block McGregor’s application, first put through in 2016, means it has now been withdrawn. The European Union Intellectual Property Office in […]

White believes McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight will break pay-per-view record

White believes the upcoming McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight could break the two million pay-per-view barrier. The UFC do not release pay-per-view figures, but the record is believed to be 1.6million for McGregor’s rematch with Nate Diaz in 2016. I am confident it will do two million on pay-per-view. Believe me when I tell you, this will be massive.

The National Interview

Mark is interviewed by The National, a daily newspaper in Scotland. Our aim is to summarise all of the world’s news – past to present. We distribute our news through partners, such as social media fan pages and share advertising revenues with the page owners. People can sign up to be the next set of […]