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8 Dec, 2014

Apologizes for ‘confusion’

Random House apologizes to a man who hired an attorney after feeling he was the target of Lena Dunham’s memoir Not That Kind of Girl, where Dunham claims she was raped in college by a man named ‘Barry’.

As indicated on the copyright page of ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham, some names and identifying details in the book have been changed. The name ‘Barry’ referenced in the book is a pseudonym. Random House, on our own behalf and on behalf of our author, regrets the confusion that has led attorney Aaron Minc to post on GoFundMe on behalf of his client, whose first name is Barry. We are offering to pay the fees Mr. Minc has billed his client to date. Our offer will allow Mr. Minc and his client to donate all of the crowd-funding raised to not-for-profit organizations assisting survivors of rape and sexual assault.

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