Ray Flynn

Ray Flynn1 post
1 Jul, 2015

Receives bionic eye


Flynn becomes first patient in the world to receive an artificial retina for dry age-related macular degeneration after chip is implanted at the back of his eye in a four-hour operation. He can now make out shapes with his eyes closed. He says:

Before when I was looking at a plant in the garden it was like a honeycomb in the centre of my eye. That has now disappeared. I can now walk round the garden and see things.

Stanga, consultant ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, says:

Mr Flynn’s progress is truly remarkable. He is seeing the outline of people and objects very effectively… Ray had to do everything with his peripheral vision – it’s very tiring, it is exhausting… This is new information that Ray’s brain is receiving and his brain now needs to get use to interpreting it.

Bionic eye improves macular degeneration patient's sight

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