Renata Salecl

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17 Jun, 2014

Renata Salecl

Gives Talk

Philosopher Salecl states that in a modern, capitalist driven world, we are trained to take our own personal choices too seriously. She lectures that personal choices can allow us to be lead to feelings of guilt, uncertainty and inadequacy. In a world focused on obtaining perfection, these feelings cause us to become politically immobile and self-centered. Rather than become focused on these negative feelings towards ourselves, Salecl insists that we start focusing more on the choices we are making as a collective society.

Why do we still rely on the idea of the self-made man, which capitalism is based on? As psychoanalysts know, people don’t have a passion for knowledge; they have a passion for ignorance.

Renata Salecl: Our unhealthy obsession with choice

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