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Rend Collective is an Irish Christian rock band comprising Gareth Gilkeson, Chris Llewellyn, Ali Gilkeson, Patrick Thompson and Steve Mitchell. The band was formerly called Rend Collective Experiment.

6 Aug, 2015

Newday appearance

Music Performance

Rend Collective perform two concerts at the Newday program at Norfolk. They first have an evening of worship and then do a late night show in front of thousands of fans. They also sang songs from their upcoming album As Family We Go.

4 Dec, 2014

Joy To The World music video

Music Video

Rend Collective release the official music album for Joy to the World (You are My Joy), from the album Campfire Christmas Volume 1. Some parts of the video allow viewers to sing along.

We love the old hymns and carols of candlelight services too much to do Christmas without them… but that’s not to say we haven’t re-imagined them a bit!

Rend Collective - Joy To The World (You Are My Joy)

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