Revenue Share Launch

Newslines Rev Share Shakes Up Crowdsourced News


FEB 13, 2014 – SARASOTA, FL

Today, Newslines, (, the leading crowdsourced news search engine, launches the world’s most advanced revenue-share system, sharing 50% of all ad revenues with writers, editors, and those who invite others to the system. Combined with Newslines’ unique news format, contributors can build a portfolio of content that has long-term earnings potential, similar to that of startup investors.

“We hate that the people behind many large sites get rich off of the free work of their contributors,” says Mark Devlin, Newslines Founder and CEO. “Everyone¬†who helps build a business should also get a share in the growth of the business.”

Devlin says there’s no difference between an investor putting up cash and contributors giving their time. “When the business is successful, why does the investor get 100 times the return while the contributors — who do all the work – get nothing?”

Newslines, was founded by U.S.- based Scottish entrepreneurs, Mark & Mary Devlin, in May 2014. The site, a mix of Google News, Wikipedia and YouTube, lets contributors add 50-150 word summaries of breaking and archive news. Posts are compiled into news timelines, called “newslines”. Unlike Wikipedia articles, each newsline can be sorted and filtered by readers. For example, readers can filter Bill Cosby’s newsline ( to show only recent allegations, or only TV performances.

Newslines key innovation is software that pays writers to edit other contributors’ posts, unlike say, Wikipedia, which only allows unpaid editing. The system works because Newslines’ posts are highly structured. For example, a post about a movie release must include a plot summary, co-stars, a quotation from an actor, and a YouTube clip. If the YouTube clip is missing, the editor returns the post to the author, who has the chance to resubmit. If the post needs multiple edits then the writer receives less revenue share, and the editors receive more.

Registered users can also earn income by inviting friends into the system. Payments are made through PayPal with a low payout threshold of $20.

Devlin says the site has the potential to give long-term earnings to those who are willing to put in consistent effort. “Just like an investor who gets a high return as a company grows, if you build your portfolio of content, you can share in the rewards.”

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