Revenue Share

For too long, technology entrepreneurs have taken advantage of your time and effort to build fortunes for themselves and their investors, while the contributors — people like you, who actually do the work — get left behind. We believe that the people doing the work should get rewarded – that’s just fair. At Newslines we treat our contributors as investors.

Working together, we can create the world’s biggest news search engine, with millions of posts on every person, product and event in the news. And as we grow, we hope to distribute millions of dollars in shared revenues to you, the people who actually make the site.

Contributors are investors

Let’s say Newslines gets an investor who puts in $10,000 and gets some “shares” in the business. When the site becomes a big success that investment may grow by 100 times, giving our happy investor $1 million. But wait a minute…what did we spend the investor’s $10,000 on? Well, we mainly we spent it on paying writers! What if we cut out the middleman and allowed the writers to invest their time into their own future?

Newslines lets you exchange your time and effort writing, editing and promoting the site for a different kind of “share” — a share in the site’s ongoing revenues. By sharing 50% of the revenues, the Company is effectively giving 50% of the business to the contributors. The site gets great content, and instead of some rich person getting the reward from your hard work – you get the reward.

Ready to join?

If you need to make money right now, Newslines is not for you. If you are not prepared to contribute for little short-term reward while the site revenues build up, then please do not participate. If, however, you are able and willing to invest your time and effort now, and enjoy news gathering, and want to learn to write and edit better, then feel free to get started by signing up now.

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