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23 Sep, 2014

Treated with TKM-Ebola

Doctors at the Nebraska Medical Centre biocontainment unit say Sacra has been treated with the experimental TKM-Ebola, manufactured by Canadian company Tekmira, which is designed to stop the virus replicating. Doctors had previously declined to identify the drug. Dr. Angela Hewett:

We don’t know if it was Dr. Sacra’s own immune system, the supportive therapy we provided, the blood transfusion from Dr. Brantly, TKM-Ebola or a combination of all these factors that helped Dr. Sacra recover

11 Sep, 2014

Donates blood to Sacra

Brantly, 33, donates two vials of blood plasma to 51-year-old Sacra. Nebraska Medical Center biocontainment unit director Dr. Phil Smith:

We’re hoping to jump start his immunity

Experimental drug

Doctors say Sacra is being treated with an experimental Ebola drug, as there are currently no more supplies of ZMapp available. He is also receiving ‘aggressive supportive care’ including intravenous nutrition and electrolyte substitutes, as well as the blood transfusion from Brantly.

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