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Ring of Honor

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Ring of Honor is an independent wrestling promotion. The company recognizes itself as an alternative to WWE as it is based more on wrestling and in-ring competition than variety entertainment.

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21 Sep, 2002

Ring of Honor debut

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Punk debuts for Ring of Honor. He cuts an in-ring promo and claims he is shocked that the crowd recognizes him.

I got a phone call while I was out with my head injury. The first thing Gabe asked me was how my head was, which was rally cool. Then he asked me if I would be ready to work in November and I told him no problem. I got myself and Cabana in the group. We were working the 3PW show on I think September 21st and we walked across the street to the MurphyRecreation Center where ROH runs and they asked me to do an in-ring promo. I went out there and was surprised at the reaction as the fans knew who Cabana and I were.