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Rob Mariano

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16 May, 2011

Wins Survivor

robMariano wins Survivor: Redemption Island after his fourth time competing. He earns eight of the nine votes cast in the finale against Phillip Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli. winning the grand prize of one million dollars.

You don’t know for sure until the votes are read, but I had a pretty good feeling. I played my heart out. I love this game, but you’ve got to get lucky along the way, too. I know what it takes. It’s really, really difficult. I’m really, really happy things happened the way they did this time.

24 May, 2004

People cover

robamberMariano and Brkich appears on the cover of People to discuss falling in love on the TV show Survivor.

We only kissed twice on air. The first time when we got a toothbrush and the second time when there were candy mints. There were a couple more kisses because I wanted my mom and dad to be comfortable watching the show. I hope it came off as tasteful.

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