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18 Aug, 2017

Hatton: Referee Robert Byrd could prove crucial in McGregor vs Mayweather

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Hatton, who was beaten by Mayweather in the tenth round, and believes that Joe Cortez, who was refereeing, didn’t allow him the opportunity to fight on the inside, says the decisions of the referee will be crucial in McGregor’s fight against Mayweather.

If the referee lets him have a crack. I think when I look back on it (my fight with Mayweather) I hope the referee lets Conor have a go. I’m not saying that I’d have won the [Mayweather] fight anyway if the referee had let me had a go. All you want is a fair crack of the whip. I think he must be thinking the same as me. Just let me have a fair shout and let me have a go at him. If he lets him have a fight with his strength as well, I think with Floyd at 40 years of age – we might see him dwindle a lot. If Conor can put his foot on the gas from there on in he might get a late stoppage or maybe even a points win. I think Conor will probably say I don’t mind losing the early rounds – as long as bit by bit I can sap his strength and drain him – and slow him down a bit. You’d have to say with Mayweather’s boxing ability the early part of the fight is Floyd’s but eventually if he’s given the opportunity by the referee to keep on him and keep on him, by the time it gets to round 6, 7 and 8 – then it might be Conor’s part of the fight

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