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13 Mar, 2014

WallStreet Journal interview


De Niro is interviewed by Wall Street Journal. They talk about his film about Roberto Duran, working on a film about his late father’s homosexuality. They also talk about what he would have done if he wasn’t acting.

For me it was my responsibility to preserve my father’s legacy. So I wanted to do a documentary about it and so HBO took it and that was good.

Interview: Robert De Niro on New Ventures, Movies & Documentary

20 Jan, 2014

BBC interview


Stallone and De Niro are interviewed by BBC . They talk about The Grudge Match and how de Niro persuaded Stallone to do the film. De Niro:

It’s fun you could try certain things that you wouldn’t do in a straight drama.

Sylvester Stallone & Robert De Niro - Grudge Match - BBC Interview

21 Nov, 2013



De Niro talks to Charlie Rose about what films give him the most satisfaction. his film festival Tribeca and his children’s interest in acting.

I was never interested in art really. That was his (my father’s) thing really since he was five. I wish I was more, even I tell my kids now you should be interested in art.

Robert De Niro interview on Charlie Rose

27 Oct, 2013

Graham Norton interview


De Niro and Cher are interviewed on The Graham Norton Show. They talk about how De Niro likes to mentor, how his fans respond to him and how some people are intimidated by his presence. De Niro comments:

I like to give advice when people ask and if it could help I’m always there. It depends whose asking me it could be very personal or it could be a career move, I think I’m pretty good at that.

Robert De Niro gives acting advice - The Graham Norton Show: Series 14 Episode 3 Preview - BBC One

25 Oct, 2013

The Graham Norton Show interview


Stallone and De Niro are interviewed on The Graham Norton Show. They talk about Stallone and De Niro’s collaboration on Grudge Match and how much weight De Niro gained for Raging Bull. De Niro comments:

He had reservations. I think he was worried that a comedy wouldn’t work and I said, don’t worry about it. When we’re together we’ll be OK.

The Graham Norton Show S14x13 2 5 Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro, Carey Mulligan, Jonah

13 Sep, 2013

Stardust interview


De Niro and Pfeiffer are interviewed by The Movie Guy. They talk about Stardust and where Pfeiffer got her character’s unique laugh. Pfeiffer comments:

You know the scary thing is that laugh just kind of came out of me and I don’t really know where that came from.

Michelle Pfeiffer Robert Deniro interview for Stardust

10 Sep, 2013

Meet The Fockers interview


De Niro and Stiller are interviewed by Screen Slam. They talk about Meet The Fockers. how they both approach comedy different and their most memorable scenes. De Niro comments:

We shot this fight scene for a couple of weeks. We did act the stuff out obviously but they had stunt doubles who did the other stuff.
This whole premise is classic where you have to meet the in-laws. The whole concept of it is pretty common.

Meet The Parents: Little Fockers: Robert De Niro & Ben Stiller Exclusive Interview

4 Feb, 2013

Raging Bull interview


De Niro is interviewed by Lee Cowan. They talk about his drive to be an actor, his humbleness when it comes to being in the spotlight and what he did to gain weight he gained for Raging Bull.

I was lucky that I have whatever I have to make me a successful career if you will.

Robert De Niro Just a lucky guy

17 Dec, 2010

Letterman interview


De Niro and Hoffman are interviewed by Letterman on The David Letterman Show. They talk about Hoffman’s meet with De Niro, working on Sleepers and their similar styles of preparing for a role. Hoffman comments:

To be fair when you’re not a known actor it’s easier to disappear into the role.

Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman on David Letterman Full Interview

2 Mar, 2009 12:00 am

A Bronx Tale interview


De Niro is interviewed by Jim Ferguson. They talk about A Bronx Tale, how he focused on finding the right unknown actors for the scene and getting rid of the stereotype of Italians as gangsters.

It’s the working man that are usually taken for granted and they work every day and they keep everything going, they keep the world going.

Jim Ferguson Classic Interview with Robert De Niro for A Bronx Tale

12 Sep, 2008

Today interview


De Niro and Pacino are interviewed by Today. They talk about how they both met each other, Obama’s platform and what they deem as the ‘Holy Grail’ of their career. Pacino:

As an actor you are always in search of a role and I think that naturally you think that something is going to come along that’s going to allow you that freedom to go into your own creative imagination.

Robert De Niro & Al Pacino interview - 2008 {FULL}

9 Mar, 2007

Tribeca Commercial Outtake

De Niro is creating a commercial to promote his film festival Tribeca and suddenly disagrees with the director’s suggestion.

I’m not selling cars!

How to Piss Off Robert Deniro In 30 Seconds Or Less ...

2 Nov, 1994

Jackie Brown Interview


De Niro and Taratino are interviewed and talk about how they met at the Comic Con. They also talk about working on Jackie Brown and what De Niro liked about the script. Tarantino comments:

I need an actor who won’t stay on the surface, I need an actor that won’t stay on the surface with anything. I really need a character actor a character that needs to be gotten through body language.

Robert De Niro & Quentin Tarantino Interview (1997)

6 Nov, 1981

Merv Griffith interview

De Niro talks to Merv Griffith on the Merv Griffith Show. He talks about his film Raging Bull, woking with Martin Scorsese and how much he gets involved in the production of a motion picture.

I try to get involved in the casting, the actors, because it’s important that everybody’s good not just a few.

Robert DeNiro- Interview "Raging Bull" (Merv Griffin Show 1981)

17 Jan, 1981

King of Comedy interview


De Niro is interviewed by Michael Parkinson. They talk about how he likes his privacy as an actor, working on Kings of Comedy and working with Martin Scorsese.

When you’re being recognized in certain situations you like a certain amount of privacy. I enjoy it I mean don’t get me wrong.

Robert de Niro interview clip with Michael Parkinson 1981

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