Robert Redford

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15 May, 1998

The Horse Whisperer

Redford directs and acts in this drama about a mother who falls in love with a horse trainer as he helps her stressed daughter gain her confidence back. Co-starring Kristen Scott and Sam Neil.

I believe very strongly in counter-intuitive casting. I get an idea and I don’t let go. For example, I had to cast Sam Neill in the role of Robert, because the character needed his strength and the decency he would bring to it. Negotiations got too many fingers in the pie, and finally, when he and I talked, it was a done deal. The artists can usually get through to each other, but…I dunno…you do these things the best you can. I didn’t want him to be wimped out. It’s a tougher film, if Robert’s smart and a good man – it changes the way you look at what Anne and Booker feel and do. We were 2 weeks into the shoot when he was cast, so I had to go get him.

The Horse Whisperer Trailer

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