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21 Jul, 2004

Never legally married

Brandy’s ex husband, Smith, comes forward to say he and Brandy were never legally married. He claims they only pretended to be married to preserve Brandy’s image because she was pregnant. Brandy claims she is “hurt and shocked” by Smith’s revelations. Instead of a legally recognized marriage, she claims they had a “spiritual union and a true commitment to each other.”

We still share a common bond through our daughter, Sy’rai. He is not thinking about her, me, or what we had together. He is trying to destroy my reputation while using me and our daughter to get publicity and radio airplay for his artists. I am stunned that he is being so dirty about it.

Smith responds:

My comments were in no way made to take away any responsibility from Sy’rai emotionally or financially. And in no way am I an irresponsible father. … I have recently been granted joint custody of Sy’rai. When breaking off relationships it’s always difficult, and I prefer not to air our dirty laundry through the media. I was just stating the truth. Brandy and I have many things to work out over a long period of time, [and] will hopefully [head] in a more positive direction.

20 Jun, 2002

Sy’rai Iman Smith is born


Brandy and Smith welcome their first child Sy’rai Iman Smith on Father’s Day. Brandy decided to air her pregnancy and birth on MTV’s Diary Presents: Brandy — Special Delivery. Publicist:

A daughter, named Sy’rai, was born to the former teen star and her producer-husband Robert Smith.

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