Robin WilliamsFilm Appearance

Happy Feet Two

18 Nov, 2011

Williams reprises the roles of Ramon and Lovelace in the sequel to Happy Feet. The movie is about Erik, a dancing penguin, who is the son of Mumble and Gloria, trying to find his calling.

The main thing is George Miller. I mean, this is the guy who did Road Warrior and then Babe. I went, “This is an interesting, man.” He sent the script and he was initially offering three characters. I tried doing three voices, and one of them was a Scottish older penguin that was like [in a Scottish accent], “I tell ya right now!” And then they said it sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire on steroids. So I went, “All right, lost that one.” And I settled for the two. In the first meeting with George, I went, “Oh, this will be fun.” It was because he records everybody in the same room so you get to riff together, which is really great.

Happy Feet 2 Trailer 2 Official (HD)

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